Any way to view recording history?

I came from TiVo and one thing it had was a recording history that would show when recordings were skipped for any reason. Is there a way to see that on the app without digging through the logs? If not I’d like to submit that as a feature request. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Nope, there’s nothing like the TiVo view of missed recordings. It’s something we would like to add some day.

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Okay thanks. That and better integration between some of the moduals are my 2 biggest requests. You have built a great DVR here though. Keep up the good work!

What do you mean by “moduals”?

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Any jobs that fail to record, will show in the jobs list showing their reason. They will stick around for about a week so you can see what happened.

If you never see these, then you haven’t missed any recordings.

Oh okay. I wasn’t aware. Thanks for that.

Maybe moduals isn’t the right word but, for example, when browsing the guide and I click on a show that I already have a pass to but on another channel or it isn’t recoding for some other reason it prompts me to “create pass” instead of “modify pass.” Just would be nice if everything was more integrated so that it knows I already have a pass to that show and gives the option to see it. Also if I’m viewing a show I’ve recorded but don’t have a pass to there’s no path to create one in the iOS app.

Example. There should be a link here to create a pass.

Also if I’m viewing the passes and it says “2 recordings scheduled” it would be nice if I could just click the pass and see those upcoming recordings or a link to the show itself. Just little integrations like that is what I’m referring to. Things that aren’t totally necessary but would be nice.

If you click on the "More" button for the show (above the "Season 1" header) on your screenshot, that should give you a "Modify Pass" button (because information architecture-wise, the passes are related to the show, not a specific episode).

I have a pass to South Park and it didn’t record last night. I just found out it was a new episode this morning. There is no log or record of why Channels failed to record it. That was the kind of thing I was referring to in my original post.

If it didn’t create a job to record it in the first place, then there would be nothing to explain why it didn’t record anyways.

So there’s some reason it didn’t schedule it to record.

The most likely reason why this episode was not recorded is because the guide data didn't indicate it was a new episode. Do you know if the guide had the "New" tag?

If this is the case, then the DVR did the right thing, provided that your pass is set up to record only new episodes.

I guess it would be nice if the DVR history showed something like: "Episode not recorded because it was not a new episode (based on guide data) and your pass is set up to record new episodes only."

Yes it would be nice. That’s what I’m getting at. Also it would be nice if I could actually look at last night’s guide and see what it said but Channels doesn’t allow one to view the guide in the past either. Just these little things that would be nice additions. :slight_smile:

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It was marked as new on TV Guide’s guide which I can view in the past. Would be awesome if I could look at the past on the Channels guide as well. I’m still not sure why it never scheduled the episode to record.

I agree 100%. :slight_smile: TiVo is pretty good at that.

Yeah it really was great at that. Channels is great in many areas that make it even better than TiVo but I think if these little tweaks were added it would be even better.

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I read this several times and I'm confused because you seem to disagree that there should be something to show in the history but, in the last sentence, you are saying there was a reason.

it didn’t create a job to record it [...] there’s some reason it didn’t [...]

Exactly. What was the reason? This is what is being requested in this thread.

Should we log every single airing in the guide that it decided it did not match the rule? That would be a lot of information. It's not like this works by looping through every airing in the guide data trying to see if it matches a pass rule. It uses a query system, if the airing doesn't match the query, then it's not returned.

There's probably a small amount of surface area where we can make this better, but you're suggestions are not based on the technical knowledge of how Channels works under the hood.

Oh you’re exactly right. I have no idea how it works but I do have experience with how TiVo worked and am just trying to encourage you to add some of those great features to your already great product. TiVo is about to go under so maybe you guys could hire some of their engineers. :slight_smile: