Anyone using a Mac mini 2018?


Prelude: I need a Mac mini as I run other things on it as well.

It’s time to upgrade my aging Mac mIni. I wanted to see if anyone is currently running Channels DVR on a 2018 Mac mini, and confirm that there are no issues.



Should work great. I'm planning to upgrade my Mini as well


Excellent! That's great to hear.

Out of curiosity, which model are you planning to get? Even the 'mid' level i5 is pretty beefy, so I'm not sure if I'll go with the i5 or i7.


I upgraded to the new Mac mini the day they came out. Running the 3.6 Ghz intel core i3 with 8 GB memory and 128 GB solid state hard drive. Runs great and have had no issues. I have three external drives connected. One 4 TB drive dedicated to just Channels, One 3 TB dedicated to just iTunes and one 3 TB dedicated to applications and data for the mini. Definitely faster than my old Mac mini.


Do you do a lot of transcoding/ remote viewing? I wonder about the performance of transcoding.


Th base unit is on sale at B&H for $699:


A lot of remote viewing


@Ghealy4, can you please tell me how the 128GB drive is working out for you? Is it large enough for the OS and installed applications? I'm in a similar situation where all my data is on external drives. Very little is on the internal drive. Looking at the mini pricing, I see that I can take a base model with 128GB drive and upgrade the processor to an i7, for the same price of the i5 I was looking it that has the 256GB drive. I'm thinking horsepower is more useful to me than the drive size. I know write speeds are slower on the smaller drives, but I am not sure that will matter for my use case.


The OS and a few applications that require it are installed on the internal hard drive but I have installed most applications on the external drive. Currently I have approximately 80 Gig free on the internal drive. Has been working with no issuses. The mini is used primarily for Channels, remote and local streaming, and local streaming of my iTunes. I have three SD duo tuners attached to the network. Speed and processing has not been an issue with the mini.


I am running on a Mac Mini 2013 and it is working great. No issues.


Would the base model i3 be enough to transcode 4 remote viewing sessions?


The new mini has a dedicated HEVC transcoding chip which we plan to utilize in an update later this year. But I think it can do several H264 transcoded no problem too


I use Mojave with Channels DVR and it works great.