App Hangs on Fire Stick 4k


At least twice in the last week or so, when using the Channels DVR app on my Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, the app GUI will "hang" or "freeze". It doesn't happen during playback, but shortly after. When I'm getting out of the video and starting to navigate the menu to the left of the screen (eg. going from the DVR section to the Guide section). The app just plain stops responding. I can hit the Home button on the Fire Stick remote, and I can get back to the Fire Stick's home menu, launch other apps, etc. but when I come back to the Channels DVR app it's still hung and the only way to fix it is to power-cycle the Fire Stick.

Any ideas how I might help with debugging this problem?


Also happens on FireTV (Gen 1).

It's easier (and quicker) to 'Force Stop/Clear Cache' for the Channels App than a 'restart', but both methods do indeed return the app to a working state.

Standard 'work-around' to return service for locked up Plex App for FireTV (at least 4 years without resolution). Note: Emby has yet to lock up on FireTV so we can reasonably 'assume' an app can work on FireTV.


Is your app set to software or hardware decoding on the Player Settings tab? The software decoder is more stable on the 4K Stick.


Software here - since day one.
(I always seek/destroy HW Decoding)




FYI - After having the app hang on me the first couple of times I used it, I've now gone 2 weeks without another hang. Not sure what has changed, or if I just got (un)lucky before, but things are working quite well for me now.