App no longer can play anything

Open ChannelsDVR app, go to Guide, select a virtual channel to play. Spins for about 15 seconds, then jumps back to "Preparing Your TV" and then back to the Guide. Does it on every virtual channel that I've checked. Tried LiveTV via HDHomeRun, same thing. I've tried clearing the app cache, restarting the ChannelsDVR server, and completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app. No dice; same result. App is effectively dead. Any suggestions? Everything was working fine this morning, both virtual channels and live TV. I've made zero changes to anything, as I've been doing housework all day and just wanted to watch some TV.

Edit: working now. Found that ChannelsDVR container had an update and applied it, and also rebooted FireTV after Plex was also having issues. Suspect the FireTV's flakey network stack was to blame (wouldn't be the first time).

I'm going to close this as solved. However, your initial post left everyone in the dark. No one knew which platform(s) you were discussing, nor were given any context to your situation.

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