App Store Issue: Unable to download/update Channels tvOS (v2.1.23)


Today we uploaded a new build of Channels to Apple (v2.1.23). Due to some sort of bug on the App Store, it is not possible to download this app on tvOS 10.1. (If you have tvOS 10.2 beta installed, the new version works fine.)

Apple is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it. Until they do, there’s nothing we’re able to do on our end.

If your Apple TV tries to update the app, it will keep failing and ask you to select Rety or Done. Please select Done, and DO NOT delete the app as it will be impossible to reinstall it until this issue is resolved.

If you are unable to use Channels, leave a comment on this thread and we will send you a beta build you can use in the mean time (install it with on your ATV)

UPDATE: On Monday March 6, Apple fixed the bug on their server that was breaking the App Store and affecting downloads of any new apps which were published since March 2nd. The Channels app is now working as expected again. If you’re still having issues, please restart your Apple TV and things should go back to normal.

Problem with latest update in the App Store?


Please i didn’t read this post before, i already unistalled the app and i can’t reinstall from the store. I wish to receive the beta app please


For tvOS betas:

  1. Create a developer account:
  2. Download the tvOS beta configuration profile:
  3. Put file somewhere you can access via http (e.g. your own web server or dropbox)
  4. Install via tvOS -> Settings -> General -> Privacy -> Highlight Share ATV Analytics -> Press Pause/Play -> Add Profile
  5. Enter URL to fetch file
  6. Restart ATV
  7. Via tvOS -> Settings -> System -> Software Updates -> Update Software

Caution: If you attempt to install the tvOS beta configuration profile without being a developer, you might brick your ATV.


I, sorry but i need to stay on 10.1, i wont update to 10.2 beta. Can you send me the beta version of the app that works on 10.1 please?


I need the beta app as well. I uninstalled the app thinking it would get rid of the error message.


Need the beta version deleted the app.


Please send the beta I uninstalled the app before reading this.


I need the beta app


I deleted the app from my apple tv as well before seeing this post. Please send me the beta app.


I uninstalled before reading this thread. I am unable to use the app


I also deleted the app before reading this thread and need a beta code.


I deleted it, but only after it wouldn’t launch. I rebooted, and some combo of updating/failing put it in a state where the app wouldn’t do anything. Force quit/reboot. Nada.

Good to know it’s not just me. TestFlight til it’s fixed. At least I’m not DOA.


Please send me the beta build.


I tried the uninstall and I’m stuck as well. Please send me the beta.


Would you please send me the beta? Thanks!


So when will this be fixed? I can’t install the newest version but I really don’t want to mess with installing it manually?


Please send me the beta of Channels as well.



Please send the Beta I did not uninstall the current version.


Actually, yes there is. Pull the update from the store until Apple fixes it. Every time your users’ Apple TV goes out to retrieve it, they get the prompt and it stops the device until we click on “Done” no matter what app is being used. Do you think your users appreciate this?