App Store Issue: Unable to download/update Channels tvOS (v2.1.23)


Yes everything is back to normal. The app should update automatically, or you can go to the App Store and reinstall it.


I want to commend the Channels team for doing what they could to reduce the impact of the App Store update issue. You guys were very visible throughout and stayed professional even when the rare customer was more interested in blood then a workaround. I’m sure you had better plans for the weekend so want to let you know that this customer appreciated what you did.

Take care… Scott


Wholeheartedly agree with snow66…the Channels team not only determined what the issue was, but was 100% transparent and professional with us.

They also somehow maintained composure with the (small number of) people that immediately resorted to the “I paid my good money” and “how dare there be an issue” type complaints.

For all of those people that did jump to complaining and “woe is me I am without TV”, step back and realize how difficult it was for the Channels team to handle this issue, which seemingly was out of their control. Instead of complaining, you could have just used another client (such as the free HDHomeRun app) to “survive”.


Unfortunately this issue has not been resolved for me, I am still experiencing the same problem when trying to reinstall the app from the app store, hangs at 65%


Try either rebooting the ATV, or restarting the App Store app (by clicking TV/Home button twice and swipe up).


OK - fixed. I did a hard reboot of the device and got it to work.


Thanks buddy.


cool, thanks alot!


Have iOS 10 Beta installed but still can’t get the app to install, can you send me the beta please.


Huh, do you mean tvOS? 10.1 or 10.2?

This issue has been resolved, so you should be able to install the app no matter what version of tvOS you’re using. Did you try rebooting the ATV?


I’m on 10.2 still have the Gray version. I have rebooted and I have hard rebooted its still just gray.
If I got to Storage I do not see Channels listed as a App. So I can’t uninstall and reinstall it.


Okay, It sounds like you might need to reset the ATV and reload your apps.

I sent you an invite to the beta so you can see if that works.


Are you still having issues? Can you check what version of tvOS you’re running?


I installed the Beta of Channels and that fixed the issue. So maybe just a timing issue?


Fully agree with snow66 and jdag. Thank you for helping us and showing your commitment to your customers.



Should the beta be removed before attempting to install the current version, or will it install beside the beta?


They can live side-by-side. Once the regular version starts working again, you can delete the Beta.


Thanks for all the help.


Thanks everyone for bearing with us while we got through this. Certainly not what I expected to spend my weekend doing, but I’m glad we were able to use the Beta builds as a workaround and make sure nobody lost access to their TV.

Once you get the production build back up and running, we would certainly appreciate if you could rate the app in the App Store.


I have the same opinion as you, please channel fix this now by restoring the version that works on 10.1