App Store Issue: Unable to download/update Channels tvOS (v2.1.23)


I need a beta code as well.



I need the beta file as well


Can I get a testflight invite as well? Thanks


Please send me a beta invite as well. Thanks.


Would you please send me the beta invite? Thanks.


I need the beta invite as well. Thank you


Can I get the beta invite?


Please send me the beta version. I did not get it yet.


pls send me the beta - or whatever is needed to fix this


Please forward me a code to access the beta version on test flight. I’m having this issue.


Please email me the test flight redemption code, thanks



I’ve also deleted the app before reading this thread, could you please send me an invite for the beta? Thanks alot!

Hope this get fixed soon for you guys!


I found that I am able to update the app. It seems that it is resolved, at least from my end of things.


Hi TMM1,

I was maybe one of the first to find out the hard way and deleted the app from my tv. It was working fine all last week until sturdy morning. Could I please get the beta until apple is done on their end. I already paid for your full version on apple and really love it, great app, great job. I rated it 5 on the Apple TV store.

Thank you,


How has this not been fixed by now? Been out TV since Friday.


We’re hearing that this issue has been fixed on Apple’s servers and the new build should start working for everyone within the next hour.


Very good. Thank you for your quick response in getting the beta invites out and for working to get things sorted with Apple.


Apple store is working and so is your awesome app…Thank you so much!


Thanks for the update! 5 star review coming your way


so is everything fix now?