Apple TV Beta Program?


So, is the AppleTV beta program dead? I was testing before, but I don't see a forum for it anymore. I am using tvOS 13 beta and thought maybe I could be of some help. FYI - The top shelf channels aren't working on the beta, but neither is my Plex top shelf, so who knows if it's the apps or the OS at this point. :slight_smile:

Edit: I see the forum now, but it's locked and I've been removed. Is it only for Channels DVR now, and not the player app?


The beta program is now a perk of the Channels Plus subscription.

As far as tvOS betas, refer to Annual iOS & tvOS Beta Warning


I'm not suggesting that it should be fixed anytime soon, nor am I even suggesting the behavior is the fault of your app at all. I was merely attempting to provide my experience as feedback so you could be aware. While I understand that attempting to make your app compatible with a constantly changing beta OS is counter-productive, I assumed having the feedback as early as possible would be a benefit.


Thanks for the feedback!


FYI - Seems to be resolved in beta 2. Silly Apple, always breaking stuff! :slight_smile:


:wink: this is why we don’t touch betas until closer to the end of the summer.


By the way, the top shelf stuff not working is on tvOS 12 as well. After a while, it quits working and tv has to be restarted, so maybe not a channels issue and maybe not even a beta issue but just general problem on tvOS