Apple TV vs Fire TV app


I have been using Channels DVR on the Fire TV Stick 4k. Works great and I can seek forward, back and skip commercials.

For those who have used both, is there any advantage to using Channels DVR on the Apple TV? Smoother? Better remote? Whatever? Better UI?

The Fire TV is a fraction of the cost, so I'm wondering why anyone would use Apple TV unless they already had one.


Personally I can't stand the Amazon UI and ads everywhere, so I use an Apple TV at home and the fire stick when I'm traveling.

The apps are almost identical on both platforms, and the Fire Stick 4K hardware is a really great so I can see how the pricier Apple TV doesn't make much sense. There are some rumors that Apple may release a cheaper dongle, but we will have to wait and see what happens.


I bought my first ATV specifically to run Channels, before FireTV was an option and don’t own a FTV, so my opinion is outside the scope. But to tmm1’s comment about Fire Tv ADs: man I saw that on a tv and I was embarrased for Amazon. Couldn’t believe how distracting it was. Will I pay the Apple $120 premium again when i need a new one in a few years? Yep. I’m that picky.


Using a Fire TV is like living inside the Amazon Prime app. There are other apps but the main home screen is all Amazon Prime content.

Can't beat the prices on sales days though.


We don't even really take much notice of the Amazon noise. My main impetus in considering switching us to ATV is the privacy concerns.


I got my Fire TV Stick 4K on sale for $35 during the last sale. The latest ATV is $180 for 32 model and $200 for 64 model so it's over 5x as expensive. I see all the Amazon ads on the home screen, but once I enter Channels app they're gone. Is there someway to program Harmony to open the Channels app as part of an the activity which turns on tv and switches to Fire TV input?

I've been using iphones and ipads since the beginning, but Apple sure wants a lot for the Apple experience. I'll have to check out ATV at friend's house and see the difference for myself.


If you arrange your apps so that Channels DVR is the first in the list, then you can create a command for the Harmony that does something like: Home, Wait 1s, Down, Down, Down, OK. I do something like this and have it assigned to the DVR button.


I didn't realize I could have Harmony do that. It works great! Now I don't have to see the Amazon ads!