AppleTV (non-4k) watching 4K/HDR FS1 TVE video is slow motion

Can’t tell if this the right place to ask. I’m watching MSU Iowa on FS1. Original stream is UHD. The AppleTV is the non 4k version. The video is slow motion, but the audio is normal. This is only a problem on the AppleTV. Viewing on a web browser and my iPhone, it’s fine. Just checked, on a 4k Apple TV it’s fine as well. I tried to have it transcode, didn’t fix it. Any thoughts on how to fix?

Same thing happening to me tonight on FS1 for UConn-Depaul game. Stream works great on Mac but extremely slow motion/choppy on AppleTV (mine is the 4k version).

This reminds me developers @eric @maddox can we get a video setting added so when you are watching something, in this case a 4K game/show, you can easily bring up the menu: Closed Captions, Audio Language, Playback Quality, Options

In the Playback Quality or Video, or Video Quality (whatever you want to call it) it will bring up a menu showing the current quality setting like "Original 4K" or "Original 8Mb", etc then under it there are other transcode options to switch to such as 1080p 8Mb, 1080p 6Mb, 720p 3Mb, etc, etc. You could also go crazy and have like 1080p 8mb h264, 1080p 5Mb HEVC h265, etc, etc.

Emby is set up this way, and pretty sure Plex too. If you have your Playback quality set to original, it works 99% of the time, except the time when you want to watch the game (which is a FS1 4K), then all of a sudden your are hit with a 30Mb stream instead of the usual 2Mb or 5Mb you regularly see. There needs to be a way to quickly and easily call for a different bitrate on the fly.

There are many other reasons/examples as to why this option should be there!

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