AT&T TV TVE Support?

Does TV Everywhere support login with AT&T TV (not AT&T TV Now)? I've tried AT&T TV Now, AT&T U-Verse, and DIRECTV options and non work with my login for AT&T TV, so I'm curious if that is supported or if it'll be supported soon down the road.

It'll work if you update to the latest pre-release first (using Check for Update drop down)

I'm assuming you do it under the AT&T TV Now option?

Yes. I will update it to match the new name.

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Awesome! Thanks for your help!

i've done the "check for update" and it says up to date with version 2020.12.10.1836

however still getting errors with authenticating and still says ATT TV Now in the providers list, no ATT TV option.

is that the correct version 2020.12.10.1836?

ok. i was checking for update but wasn't looking at pre release versions. trying its update now. looks to be authenticating directly.

thank you for such a wonderful product. makes up for the paltry 20 hours of dvr space that att tv gives us

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