ATSC 3.0 DRM status update

Nick from SiliconDust just posted an update spelling out the current status of support for encrypted ATSC 3.0 content.

In short, the A3SA—the group behind ATSC 3.0 decryption certification—is only using Google's Widevine, and there are no current plans to otherwise support other methods of decryption. Additionally, while SD believes they can get decryption working on Android platforms for their playback software, there are still additional hoops to go through before their hardware tuners can do it. (At least, that is how I interpreted his post.)

Basically, any chance of encrypted ATSC 3.0 is still quite far off. If we're lucky, the broadcasters will realize the folly of this endeavor, and abandon encryption all together.


Aside from the revelation of using Google Widevine ( I had not seen that come up in the other threads/chat on the topic) there is nothing new there with this "update". However, that link is a new thread, much more straightforward with info.

All SD been saying for more than a year now, buried among hundreds of posts and pages, is they are waiting for the A3SA servers to work to give them the certificate or whatever. They can do nothing, and have done nothing more, just waiting.

Meanwhile, other products, well, at least one other, that is mentioned other places, but SD auto mods removes mentions of it, works fine for DRM playback. But, i do not think that is a Gateway type device. This and other other STB type box, i think, also mentioned on my local OTA thread on AVSForm.

I, and many others, given up/stopped caring about DRM support for HDHR/ gateway devices. Highly doubt it will ever happen.

Fact is, at present time, if you want to watch DRM ATSC 3.0 channels, you have to buy a tv with built in 3.0 tuner, or buy one of the 2x models(i think) STB type decoder/adapter boxes that support DRM.

I recently got a Samsung TV, that has 3.0 tuner. hooked up some super cheap antenna i had lying around. Can view my 2x DRM station now... whoopie :upside_down_face:. One of them is locked into HDR, and looks like crap to me, and the other, has been reveled to be 720p source broadcast that is upscaled to 1080p, so, it not look any better than its 1.0 version. The TV also seems to not pull TV Guide data for ATSC 3.0 well, often it just says No Data...has data for the 1.0 versions.

Hopefully, like FOX did in my area, other DRM protected stations will eventually drop DRM, but, don't hold your breath.


That was exactly the point. No details about the A3SA process had previously been revealed. To learn that they are only moving forward with Widevine at the moment leaves many doors still closed. Furthermore, such an admission ought to help temper expectations here within the Channels community. Lack of support for Apple DRM straight out of the gate makes ATSC 3.0 DRM even less likely to make its way to Channels.

(Despite the promises from the A3SA, this is looking more and more like a repeat of CableLabs.)

Yea. It really sucks for Apple users... but a possible pro for Android/Android TV users.

Though, Widevine is used in many streaming services, and there are many software's that bypass/crack that easy and allow for ripping of content. So, should certain peoples of the internet care enough, could be some similar "hack/bypass" to view or even record ATSC 3.0 DRM channels.


Please don't transform this informational thread into your push for grey-area software. I was trying to provide some sanity after the 20+–paged thread on SD's forum (which had since been deleted); your push or (informal) tacit endorsement for piracy is why I questioned even making the post. Those who want to pirate already know how; but your vocal acknowledgement places legal jeopardy on safe forums.

If you want to promote ways to bypass DRM and circumvent copyright restrictions, take it elsewhere.

(Yes, this may be an unpopular stance to take. However, I believe there can be good results from legal avenues ...)

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That's not my intention at all....
Merely a statement of fact to show that they chose poorly the type of encryption to use, if they truly were concerned with protecting the content.

And honestly, no one cares enough, or very very few about ATSC 3.0. (even the actual TV manufactures show their stance, since they remove 3.0 tuners now)

As long as 1.0 exists, why even bother trying to "pirate" the actual broadcasts. There are many other easier ways... so your "concerns", are a none issue.


I recently bought a Sony 65 x90L with a 3.0 Tuner. On a whim, I ran coax from my antenna to the TV to see if it would unencrypt the DRM'ed stations, It seems Sony does not have the key yet. I have to constantly remind myself that if I keep my expectations low, my frustration level will follow. I also noticed that the Sony only picked up 50 stations while my Flex picked up 87.

And this is all so horribly wrong because we, the citizens own the airwaves.

I'm sure people here are tired of me rambling on about that, but it's the truth. Write your congressperson. The media companies use the airwaves how we want them to. That's how it was meant to be.

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make sure to submit your comments to the FCC if you haven't already:

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Vote Biden.

Did, and will. I'm dismayed he hasn't found a way to fire the clown who's trying to destroy the post office and get someone in charge of the FCC to straighten out the mess Ajit Pai left. I guess he still has a lot on his plate.

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Lets please try to keep partisan politics out of CDVR forums.


Done and thank you for the link.

So we're supposed to ignore the actual policies of the parties in regard to OTA broadcasts?

I guess I'm rocking my HDHR Extend for a bit longer.

If you want to discuss direct issues related to CDVR & FCC go ahead. Otherwise go to Reddit & Facebook.

For the same reason Michael Jordan stays out of politics. Both Republicans and Democrats buy Channels DVR


Thats strange. I have an A95k which is a year older than yours. My Sony has no issues with DRM channels from day 1.

Interesting - I am going to ask Sony about it. Have there been updates for it?

Check this out:

There have been updates to the firmware. I'm not sure if any were for DRM issues. However, I have never had a problem with any of the DRM channels from Washington DC or Baltimore from my Sony A95K including the channels shown in the video. All the channels play without issue even without internet. I do have the interactive features disabled.