ATSC 3.0 question

For those of you that have the HDHR 4K model is it worth upgrading if you live in a city that supports it? I live in Kansas City and it went live today and I’m really interested in upgrading but I’m not sure about actual good content that is available. Are evening news, sitcoms, etc produced in a better way now? I’ve read that ATSC 3.0 helps with interference, too so that alone might make it worth it for me. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

I’m in kc and have had a 4K since first kickstarter. I’ll check it out, do you know by chance what channels are for sure broadcasting? I’m about 35 miles out from the towers

Looks like all the networks

Picking up the majors with my jankey homemade copper antenna. Towers 35-40 miles away. Not sure if they are actually broadcasting as I’m having trouble playing them.

No guide data

Gonna need some time to work out some bugs, then maybe I can help answer some of your questions

You need to manually map the guide data for the ATSC3 channels in the DVR web UI.

Thanks, I’ll do some forum searching on that. I did refresh guide data but didn’t work. I’ll start a new thread if needed. I don’t want to hijack his.

Please hijack it. It’s great you are in the KC area so our experiences should be similar and I’d like to see what issues you encounter. What platform are you using channels with? I have the 2021 ATV4K with a 2012 MacBook Pro.

Hdhr Quattro, hdhr Quattro 4k, Linux Ubuntu, 2017 shield, 2019 shield pro, lg cx, panasonic plasma.

Ok not sure how to manually map guide data. I hit sync station mapping then updated guide. All but 3 grabbed guide data

Also even the stations with guide data don’t play
Logs submitted b4e9abd9-33f9-48f1-a020-db4bf2472307

Is this what you mean by manually map?

Yes. As long as the ATSC1 version has guide data, then use that version for the ATSC3 version missing data. After changing the guide mappings, you may wish force a complete guide refresh: in the web UI: Settings > Guide Database > Maintenance > Delete and Recreate Database.

Ok that fixed guide data. None of the channels will play on iPhone app tried default and experimental video driver. Can’t try the shield TVs yet I’m away from home. Diagnostics submitted through IPhone app

@tmm1 for logs. They don’t look good. Keep in mind all these stations just started 3.0 today

@racameron do you know if remote streaming a atsc 3.0 channel with app is supported? How about the web player?

Remote streaming is supported, as is through the web player. Remote player streamings are set in the client, and the web player in the web UI settings. Just beware this is transcoding from HEVC/H.265 to AVC/H.264. (Almost no web browser supports native H.265/HEVC video playback, and Channels does not support remote playback of H.265 content ... only AVC/H.264 content is support for remote playback, unless "Original Format" is selected, AIUI.)

Hmm ok. Max quality on cellular tops out at 4MB, original is not an option under cellular. Seems I need to find some WiFi ( which is set to original) original is also not an option in web player settings and sounds like if it was my iPhone browser couldn’t handle it anyway. Looks like I’m having issues transcoding h265 to h264 4MB I guess trying to set up and test remotely(vpn) wasnt the best idea. VPN or not the app still thinks I’m on cellular which technically I am.

Is the ios client different from the android client as far as setting the cellular streaming quality? This is on my android:

I guess so

Watch Tyler the Antenna Man drive around getting 3.0 signal. It's not even a contest:

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