ATSC 3.0 question

@Bigmizzoufan got a chance to briefly dabble with some of the new channels. Some of my first impressions are 1. Slow channel changes compared to atsc 1.0. Takes 5-8sec vs 1sec. Don’t know if this would apply to ATV. 2. AC-4 multi channel audio will need to be considered in a 5/7.1 speaker setup. 3. A few of the channels are not in 1920x1080 resolution like 12xxX720. I think most all of them are 60fps though. This test was at 4am so resolution might change for prime time. It was either channel 4 or 5 that was not 1920x1080. 4. Picture quality seemed slightly better and I think the 60fps will make a nice difference in live sports. 5. Antenna Reception wise I didn’t have time to compare.

Except guide data my earlier problems were related to being remote. I’m going to start a new thread concerning channel load and changing times since we are using different clients. I’ll keep you posted as I have more time and use with 3.0 channels

That sounds great thanks for filling me in. I pulled the trigger on the Flex 4K last night. So eventually you were able to get all of those channels to play live broadcasts?

Yes they all work. My problems were related to being remote

I don't think you'll see any difference with sports, because the source isn't yet in 60 FPS. The 1080p60 can't add what wasn't there to begin with.

While I saw better compression and less artifacting on overlay text, football players looked about the same and in a soccer game the ball ghosted just the same.

Once ATSC3 gets more popular and networks start taking the source at 60FPS then down converting for their ATSC1 stations (rather than just re-encoding ATSC1 stream to ATSC3, which is what I suspect is currently happening) then we'll start seeing improvements. Even before they go to 4k.

When you say AC4 audio will need to be considered can you clarify this? I have a 5.1 setup and the ATV4 passes PCM to the receiver is this functionality something I should be worried about?

There's an ongoing discussion on the SD Forum.
Your client playback device needs to support Dolby AC-4 audio.

And also here

I use a shield tv and can pass thru or decode. I’m pretty sure atv supports ac4 but There is a debate whether it’s working correctly atm.

ATV 4K supports it (listed as Dolby Atmos)

Got the Flex installed today. Mostly everything is working fine all of the guide data updated fine and my receiver is showing 5.1 but I haven’t turned it up to see the sound quality. ABC and CW are both saying “No Video” on the screen. Have you seen this? Any suggestions?

I did have no video message on 9 during the 5 am news. It worked late that night. Not sure what causes this. How long does it take to load channel change on your atv?

I don’t think 9.1 abc is a signal issue
Statistics for ch109.1 KMBC: ss=100% snq=100% seq=100% bps=0 pps=483,5-110

Hdhr log:
10825-08:32:37 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 109.1 KMBC (atsc3:581MHz-2)
20210825-08:32:43 HTTP: rejecting request from - no video data
20210825-08:32:43 Tuner: tuner0 http stream ended (requested time reached)
20210825-08:34:41 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 109.1 KMBC (atsc3:581MHz-2)
20210825-08:34:47 HTTP: rejecting request from - no video data

About 4-5 seconds. Definitely slower but not a deal breaker. I wonder if it’s worth sending feedback to the devs for 9 and CW

In the HD Homerun web view it’s showing the streaming rate of 0.42MBps which is well below the others

You can try. Best bet would to try tuning those channels then submit logs through dvr settings. Copy and paste report number in this thread. Submit diagnosis from atv channels app. I can’t check atm away from home

So abc not working in hdhr app?

Nope same error message

How do you get the report number? I just now submitted diagnostics through the ATV

Support > troubleshooting>submit diag logs
After that it will give you a string of numbers. Copy and paste here


Video is coming in on 109.1 now but the audio doesn’t seem synced. It’s showing local news now so I wonder if it has anything to do with daytime programming