ATSC 3.0 - Tampa market

Hello! Does anyone in the Tampa/St. Petersburg market have an ATSC 3.0 HDHR? I am curious what your experience is. I don't think any locals are broadcasting in 4k yet, right? Is it worth the upgrade yet?

I'm new to HDHR since Locast died. I'm in Lakeland, only about 30 miles from the towers. I first tried the ATSC3 stations, none of which were 4k from what I recall, but the main issue was they showed they were broadcasting 6 channel sound, they were all stereo. Been using the ATSC1 stations since. I'll try 3 out again this weekend and see if any changes, but doubt it. I'll report back.

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Didn't want you to think I forgot about this. Problem is I can't reliably test it. My soundbar, which is how I was able to confirm it was only receiving 2.0 signal has decided that it no longer wants to live on my wifi, so I can't check the signal coming into it in the Vizio app. They are definitely still not broadcasting in 4k.

I didn't think you forgot about it... Because I DID forget about it! Thanks for following up! :slight_smile: I guess I don't need to be in any rush to get the ATSC 3.0 tuner...

Just tested during the Gator game on CBS. Definitely not broadcasting 5.1 even though it shows 6 channel in the stats. Stick with what you have for now.

Thanks for the update, @scottuf! Disappointing, but I guess not surprising.

ATSC3.0 in Tampa have just 4 channels while Orlando has 8 of them.
I live in palm harbor , 35miles from main towers but in a shade of the 110ft Alderman Ridge so reception of ATSC1.0 was very poor and now when 3.0 signal came thru I can receive all ABC CBS FOX NBC , whish PBS and other could come thru in ATSC3.0 .
When will these 3.0 channels come transmitted on their own chanel and with all associated content .
Also 3.0 will not take off until local weekend sports and daily live news live broadcasts will not come in 4K resolution !!!
When is the next step and progress of 3.0 happening???