Atsc 3.0 resolution

I get 5.1 from my ATV 4k and marantz 5.1 receiver without issue on atsc 3.0. My receiver labels the input coming in as multichannel and then it decodes it as 5.2 surround. I compared it to the atsc 1.0 broadcast and it is identical.

Each ATSC3 market is transmitting audio in a different way. Some work perfectly while others are problematic.


Can we get a list of the markets with issues?

You can look for your area in this thread.

ATSC 3.0 Forum - Silicondust

Thanks. Seems like there are picture issues also. Still might bite since all my major networks seem to have it.

I am in Tampa also, and asked the same question in this thread -

I like the idea that reception is improved, even if it is not yet 4K. But someone in that thread said that locals are only broadcasting stereo rather than 5.1. If that is true, I don't know if it is worth upgrading...

Depends on the market. Stations in my area are in 5.1, but in a format that my ATV cant decode other than 2.0. People in other markets can get 5.1 from ATV.

That was me :grinning: Santa is bringing me a new soundbar for Christmas. Once that's up and running I'll check again and see what I get.

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@scottuf If you see Santa, please remind him that I have been good this year. And please let me know how it goes with the new soundbar!


I get both the Tampa and Orlando stations over the air. It was a major reception upgrade for me, the Stations are rock solid for reception now. I had a lot of pixelation and breakup before upgrading.
I have noticed on some NFL games on fox after watching for a while the video and sound get out of synch (audio is ahead of the picture) and I have to disconnect and reconnect to get back in synch.

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I removed the previous comment, because I am not using ATSC 3.0. So my excellent experience with NFL OTA on all channels is probably not relevant.

any one here in the Phoenix market, and can comment on how this is working as of 12-5-21? I just ordered the new tuner, and am curious as to how it has been for both 1.0 stuff. 3.0 stuff, and TVE?

I currently have them disabled, for they days they decide to appear in my HDHR. Not sure if they are doing things or my reception is whack. CW is usually a bad signal and NBC has never been anything then a green screen with audio when I've tuned to it.

thanks for your reply.
I am currently get perfect reception on all abc/cbs/nbc/fox/CW/ and a couple others, so it must be your reception..
I have an attic mounted antenna, if that matters

I'm in Tampa, I liked the idea of having ATSC 3.0 for Football games, but the broadcasts are literally 3 to 5 minutes behind the regular ATRC 1.0 broadcast. Hearing the neighbors cheering or booing (everyone watches football outside here) 3 minutes before a play is kind of a spoiler.

its only a few seconds for me in Phoenix

You should call your local station and talk to the broadcast engineer

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It falls on deaf ears.

Checked it tonight and I am getting surround on Fox and ABC 3.0 for sure. Haven't been able to verify the others. I'm thinking it may have been my old soundbar not being able to decipher the AC4 sound and that's why I was just getting stereo, or maybe they fixed the issue.

I hope Santa hooked you up. I put in a good word. :laughing:

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I'm in Lakeland and it seems like the 3.0 channels are maybe 15-30 seconds behind 1.0 now, at least on the Tampa channels.

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