ATSC3 and Apple TV HD

We had an old Apple TV HD (that is, the model before the Apple TV 4K - specifically, A1625). We tried to use it with a new TV, but we had to replace it with a new 4K because we noticed that when playing back shows either live or recorded from the ATSC3 version of the local Fox affiliate (WJBK) they look like they're in sort of stuttery slow motion.

I guess 7 years is a long time...?

I replaced an Apple TV HD with the newest 4K model, because certain things I’d record that were fed into Channels from an HDMI encoder (see elsewhere in these forums) would be stuttering/slow mo on the Apple TV HD. I think it had to do with the h.264 profile I was using on the encoder, but that’s a guess. Buttery smooth on the 4K.

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