Audio bug: v2022.11.16.2224

Using this version causes severe audio problems on TVE channels. In some cases the audio runs fast in others there is only occasional blips of audio. Reverting to 2022.11.15.1908 corrects the issue.

The behavior is the same regardless of the client audio driver. And, HDHR sources are unaffected by the issue.

Server is on a Synology DS920+ running DSM 7.x. Affects all IOS and TVOS clients.

This string should be here. I am just adding the link.

Fixed in the latest pre-release.

I am still having the same issue with 2022.11.17.1852.

Logs have been submitted as d7d322a2-4735-4706-9dc0-4edd19b0e915.

2022.11.17.1852 does not fix my issue with NO AUDIO - channels I reported were FOX News, FOX Bus and ABC. And just noticed MSNBC. CNN and some other channels are fine.

Running on Synology and using Apple TV,

Sorry, 1852 does not fix the issue. Still seeing it on FNC, Fox Weather, AMC... Haven't tried them all...

Please try v2022.11.17.1920

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YES! v2022.11.17.1920 finally working! tried live and recordings working also.

Yes, looks good in very short testing.

2022.11.17.1920 fixed my issue

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