Audio description in the UK for the blind


I'm blind and loving the channels app on the Apple TV. It's wonderful to have everything all in one place and for it to be mostly accessible.

One request is for audio description to work in the UK. As I understand it there is a broadcast of a separate description audio stream that has to be combined with the main audio stream, rather than having a complete separate soundtrack with both the AD and soundtrack mixed together.

Could you please do this as it would make the setup perfect. Currently, to watch anything with audio description I have to switch out to my tv which kinda defeats the object of the HDHomerun and channels setup.

Thank you.



I would purchase a Channels subscription now if it weren't the fact for the lack of UK-based Audio Description support. None of the apps supported by the HD HomeRun support UK based audio description which means the devices are unusable for blind or partially sighted people in the UK at present. I was really hoping that with an accessible interface like the one Channels provides plus audio description I could start recommending it as a killer PVR solution for other blind friends.


If it works the same way as in Australia, perhaps the thread link below will help.
Support was added in the Channels app for AppleTV in version 3.2.44

Turning off Descriptive Video Service turns off all Audio

UK audio descriptions are not currently supported. It requires some big technical changes in our player to be able to handle playing two audio tracks at the same time (which is what is required for UK).

So their receivers/set top boxes have to mix audio tracks and handle attenuation/sync and volume leveling just to do that?
Seems like an overly complicated solution.