Audio drops, shield to av receiver

Have been experiencing audio drops across various changes, both atsc and cable. Seems to be when the audio mode switches from stereo to dd or other formats. Tried a bunch of different shield audio settings, still intermittent.

Onkyo receiver, 2017 Shield. Started maybe six weeks ago.... Maybe a shield issue? I can often get the sounds to come back by using the channels drop-down menu, deselecting and reselecting the DD audio track.

Any ideas? There is a shield hotfix I could sign up for but says may cause other issues with hdhr

What's the surround sound setting inside the Channels app?

Surround is on

This does not appear to occur on recording playback, only live TV, btw

Are there any other Surround settings I am missing?

Can you link what you're referencing?

Does the issue go away with Surround Sound off in the app?

Not sure if it is useful but the hotfix info I saw for earlier shield models is here:

I will try the sound without surround on, but that kinda defeats the purpose of av receiver etc

I think that there are no dropouts with the surround off... But want surround solved of course, thanks

Okay. Please click Submit Diagnostics in the app right after the issue occurs and we can see what shows up in the logs.

Just now submitted diagnostics after attempting playback of an atsc channel "GRIT" - do you need anything to find this? No audio at all through AVR

Thanks. Something strange in the logs indeed. Does pausing for 10 seconds and resuming make any difference?

yes a pause or restart of playback fixes it generally. Just posted another player log where HGTV played normally for 15 mins or so then audio dropped - also, does not seem to be an issue with recorded playback, so the pause aligns with my experience there. Happens on all tuners ( I have quatro, connect, and a prime)

I don't know if we've done anything that could cause this, and we haven't heard of others reporting similar issues. So I'm thinking it might be a SHIELD issue and you should try the hotfix. I didn't see where it said it might interfere with HDHR. But I don't think that would affect our app.

it stated with hotfix you cannot play "HDHR DRM" channels - will that cause an issue ? Concern is also you cannot roll back and only await a newer release. It could also be the Onkyo receiver, might you think? I have no other to test...or do you see the audio issues in the player logs?

  • "HotFix images are not fully certified. The next official release will have all certifications. The negative side affect we've noticed from this so far are: a. You won't be able to install or update Disney+ from the Playstore if you haven't installed it yet or do a Factory reset on this image. b. HD Homerun DRM channels will not work."

The logs show the audio apis are reporting invalid values for current playback position which is causing many issues.

I don't know if you have or watch DRM channels. They're not supported in our software but work in the official HDHR app and in the Live Channels system app.

Do you get this issue on both OTA and cable and TVE? Or just one?

You could also try using the official HDHR app for a while and see if that has the same issue? That would tell us if its a shield problem or channels app problem.

OK I doubt drm will be an issue - if the Prime cablecard channels, watched only via Channels app work, I am good?

Happens on cable channels and OTA, never recorded- don't watch enough TVE channels to know, but will try some

FYI, hotfix installed, saved issue, uploaded diagnostics just now...GRIT atsc... Audio started, dropped

I have moved to a totally new location, and am now using a different provider and cablecard, but the issues remain. I have updated the Shield to the hotfix version, which seemed to have no effect. It does appear the audio drops only occur with "live", as never see issues with recordings, so a work around has been to pause the playback of live for a few seconds and continue with a delay. I will submit diagnostics the next time this occurs as I would still like to solve it.

Same issue here. It has been around for awhile. User reported experience/settings is exactly the same (pause fix, no issue with recorded, etc). Shield 2017 with Yamaha YAS-207 soundbar. HDHR Prime with no OTA. Cable channels (Frontier FiOS) and for me, mostly on Turner stations: TNT, TBS, CNN, etc. Mostly at commercial breaks or change in source material. I can add one more bit - the issue can be resolved immediately by using the audio language config - deselect English and then reselect English.