Audio lags video, air play 2 speakers (HomePods)

After updating Apple TV4 and Homepods (stereo pair) to Airplay 2, the audio is out of sync with the video.

Other video apps do not have this issue, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

I did not have this problem until the most recent airplay update.

Any suggestion?

I have accidentally discovered a workaround that fixed my out-of-sync issue.
I pressed and held the play/pause button on the AppleTV remote for a few seconds, released and short-pressed the play/pause button again… sync issue fixed!
Needs to be done every time channels are changed – a little pain for lots of gain.
I hope this one works for all out there with the same issue :wink:

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Thanks, that worked for me too…

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Does something show up on the screen when you do this?

FYI, nothing unexpected shows up on the screen while performing the work around.

Also this work around doesn’t always work, and a reboot of the Apple TV is required for the work around to work again.

Just FYI: Another app that has sync issues after 11.4 is infuse - again a reboot of the Apple TV will usually fix the sync issue.

AirPlay 2 is based on a new set of APIs for managing the buffer and latency. Existing apps will continue to use AirPlay 1 until modified

But the fix of holding down the pause/play button works. Thank you very much!!

We are already using the new APIs but there appears to be some bugs

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Does the video player pause?

Do you have to hold it down, or does a click to pause work as well?

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Thanks for your reply.

I change audio output to paired Homepods
I pick a channel in Channels App
Video starts with no audio for 2 seconds
Audio starts with 2 to 3 seconds lag
Press and hold pause/play for 3 to 4 seconds
Video is paused
Let go of pause/play button, video still paused
press pause again and both video and are synced.

… if I change channels I have to repeat above to get video to sync with audio again.

Hope that helps.

I’ve sent you all a beta version to try. Let me know if it improves the audio delay issue.

Sorry, I won’t get a chance to test it until late tonight.

Note that this work around doesn’t always fix the problem, and an atv reboot is required to “enable” the work around again.

Also fwiw a new issue I found was that on channel KCET 28.1, the two homepods were not in sync, creating a reverb/echo effect. Flipping to a different channel, and then back to KCET fixed the reverb effect. I was unable to duplicate the problem.


Fyi - the beta version has no audio sync issues, thanks!


Hi. Thanks for the beta.

It works!!!
Changed channels, works too.
All synced!! Awesome

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Second test

Works well with paired homepods alone

Sync out by a couple of seconds when using tv and Homepod speakers at the same time.

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Third test

Homepod pair works well
Added TV speakers, out of sync
Remove tv speakers back working to sync
Added Tv Speakers… crash…can’t find home Pods …can’t find network…
Reset/restart everything,
Had to restart homepods and iPads to get network connections to work again. Scary lol.

All working again I think.
Testing over for a day or two lol.

Last thing
Discovered ‘on now’ at top off Apple TV not showing anymore.
Deleted app and redownloaded and ‘on now’ working again.

Deleted beta version for the moment and will try again at a later point.

Will you be updating the channels app soon from the Beta?
I have tested the better a few times and everything seems good now.

Received beta 2
Seems to work fine with Airplay 2 and homepods but I will spend more time with it tonight. Only had chance for 5 min test so far so good.

Sync with homepods working well alone

Sync with tv working well alone

Sync with both Homepod and tv at the same time not synced, about 1 second apart. Not working correctly

Does this work with other apps?