Audio lags video, air play 2 speakers (HomePods)

We have released the fix from the beta to the App Store in v3.1.6

YouTube works with tv and homepods both in sync

Channels app Sync work standalone with Homepod

Channels app Sync works standalone with TV

Latest update of Channels, Homepod synced but 1/2 second difference between tv and Homepod.

Pause and hold trick doesn’t work to sync both tv and home pod.

At least Homepod and channels app can be used now but there still seems to be a bug with Airplay2 sync with multiple sources.

I got a reply from Apple today with some more suggestions. I will send you a new beta to try that may help.

I tested the latest Beta update.
No change, TV and Homepod both out of sync.
In sync individually but not together.

Maybe we need one or two other people to test it too just in case it’s my setup.

Okay. It uses a different method now which is better than what I was using before, so if it is as good as the previous beta then I will keep using the new method.

As for syncing both HomePod and TV, I’m not really sure how that’s supposed to work. I will try to do more research, but I think most people are using one or two HomePods together only.

Ok, thank you for at least getting it to sync with the Homepods

I’m not sure how other people use it but you would think airplay 2 would work with 2 airplay compatible devices right out of the box.

Apple Music and YouTube are the other apps I have tested and they both work with both TV and Homepod at the same time.

Anyhow thank you very much for the great service you supply.

I downloaded the first beta and first TV watching night it worked beautifully… no more sync problems with HomePod stereo pair. The following night the out-of-sync issue re-appeared but after an AppleTV restart, it synced.
I will try the new beta tonight.

Wanted to add my use case for having both TV sound and Stereo HomePods at the same time (in sync). I’ve got a pair of HomePods in my kitchen which is adjacent to my TV room. When I’m cooking in the kitchen I can’t really hear the TV, but enabling the audio to the Homepods has been awesome for hearing the TV clearly while in there.

The downside of course is with your custom player it’s not an easy toggle to get the sound to the HomePods without going into the Settings.

I know one of the reasons for the custom player is to be able to handle the Mpeg2, but with Tuner Sharing through the DVR, would it be possible/practical to convert everything to H.264 to be compatible with built in player?

I have just the one speaker and was having the sync issue which seems to be fixed. The next issue I have is that I need to disconnect airplay and re connect to get audio from channels. Is anyone having the same problem? YouTube and other apps seem fine.

I downloaded the new beta versions last night.
Same scenario as previous version… it didn’t sync on opening of Channels app but after an Apple TV restart, did sync and stayed synced all the viewing night.

Paul, try it with both the TV and Homepods.
I would be interested to see if you get the same result with not syncing with both.

Has the beta been released? I am experiencing the audio sync issue when I have stereo setup with HomePods. My workaround is to reboot AppleTV.

I have appleTV and stereo pair of homepods. I have audio output selected for homepods, but Channels App selects the tv speakers instead. Other apps such as Youtube and DirectivNow select Airplay 2 every time.

Can you try with Channels 3.2 which was released today?

Homepods and Apple TV4K still out of sync when output together.

Homepod in sync when selected without AppleTv.

Is anyone else having this problem?

No, I think the person having this problem has to try selecting the Homepod twice. Sometimes when connecting to the Apple TV speakers it jumps around but it happens on YouTube too so I think it’s an Apple bug.

I was having this problem before version 3.2. I have tried it a couple of times and it appears to be working. I will do more testing his weekend.


When I start everything up, the audio source is my HomePod stereo pair (as it was when I shut down), when I restart the Apple TV (to sync the audio) the audio section defaults back to Apple TV so I then have to go into settings and change it. This is such a painful process to go through every time I want to watch TV and listen through my Homepods!

You can click and hold the Play button on the home screen to avoid going into settings.

I don’t quite follow why you’re restarting the Apple TV though?