Audio lags video

I'm running beta app on FireTV 4k Stick. The audio lags the video (lip sync) unless I turn surround sound option off. I would like to have surround sound. What is the real fix for this?

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Am I the only one to experience this? I THINK I saw the 'turn surround sound off' workaround on the forum a while back.

No problems with my Firestick 4k or my Firestick 4k Max devices, but I don't have an external sound system. Just using the TV's standard audio.

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Thanks for the input. I should have mentioned that I am using a receiver for surround sound.

@tmm1 Any thoughts on this?

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Sorry don't know. The FireTV devices are a pain to deal with. We are sending surround sound in the format it requires, along with sync information. If it's not playing correctly there isn't much we can do.

FWIW we haven't heard of anyone else reporting this type of issue.

You can use stereo sound or try another device.

I'm having the same issue on my Chromecast GTV. No issues on my Apple TV.

Edit :
Issue seems to happen randomly. I went back to my GTV after verifying that it was not an issue on ATV. And the audio lag is gone. This is with the same in progress recording. This issue has been happening for the last week? I'm on the latest server prerelease.

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Yes I have seen the same issue. I had to switch to Software decoding and seems to improve it a little

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