Audio Sync Issue on TV Everywhere Recordings

Some of my TVE recordings have audio sync issues with the audio delayed by about 5-7 seconds. I’ve mainly noticed it on USA but I don’t record a lot of TVE content so may be more widespread for me. Is there a fix?

I get this on multiple playback devices so the delay seems to be a part of the recording.

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How about if you play the mpg recording directly on your DVR PC using VLC?

I, too, have noticed this. But it's not consistent. Sometimes the audio is close to spot on, and other times there is a distinct sync issue.

I believe it's coming from the source that way, but haven't checked with a different media player yet, either.

Yep. Same delay when playing via VLC

Also not sure if it’s relevant but when I watch on the USA app live the audio is fine.

Same problem here. Recorded Mr Robot from USA network and Audio sync is off by as much as 3-5 seconds.

Doesn't surprise me. I remember seeing this on a recording from a TVE channel, it was the diy network Building Off the Grid Big Sky Ranch (2016) series.
The A/V sync was right on at the start, but drifted off toward the end of the recording.
I ended up re-recording those episodes from my cable HDHR Prime on Discovery channel to fix it.

Can you visit dvr web UI to find that recording, then click View Log in the dropdown. Hit file>save and email to [email protected]

How do i visit the dvr web UI?

Nevermind. I figured it out. Just sent you the email.

And yes, it's also out of sync when I just open it on my computer.


@tmm1, does what you got from the other user give you everything you need? I can send a log file as well if it helps.

Another log would help us correlate patterns

Will collect one this weekend and send.

I had the same problem recording mr robot on usa. The audio was out of sync. Recorded on Synology ds218+ Play back through AppleTV 4th gen

Mine was Mr Robot as well so it’s giving me a strong indication it’s something with that channel or show. That said, that might be the only TVE show I record right now so I can’t be certain from my perspective.

Do you still need additional logs? I've had the same issue with the last recordings of Mr. Robot. Weirdly, it doesn't happen with the only other USA Network shoe i recored, Treadstone.

Just sent another log file example

Please try updating your dvr to the latest build from tonight

When I update it looks like it’s still an old version

Up to date!

When it is updated should old recording be fixed or just new ones?

Click-and-hold the button to update to pre-release. The fix would only apply to new recordings.

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Thanks. I’ll probably need to wait until next Monday to test it in that case.