Authz retries failed error - Spectrum

I’m having an issue with a lot of TVE channels from Spectrum giving me an “authz retries failed” error. I read in a previous post from a year ago to wait a few hours and try to rescan the channel again, I did that and it’s still giving me an error. This started last night.

I verified I can watch the channels by logging into the TVE app. One of the channels is MSNBC, and I verified I can log in with my Spectrum login on and watch the MSNBC live channel from their website. Other examples are FS1, FS2, ESPN2 to name a few.

I submitted diagnostics 1734eed4-820d-43bc-99be-08df7014e7c7

I also updated to the latest build of 2020.11.20.1616 and tried.

When I click on Manage Lineup for Spectrum, then edit, and rescan the channel giving me an issue it kicks back with authz retries failed each time.

Any help would be appreciated


I'm guessing this is a spectrum issue. I had the same problem last night just like you. It seems for the most part to have sorted itself out this morning after rescanning a few times. Channels finally ended up doing a complete reset where it redownloaded all the guide data etc and it worked. So I'd keep trying every few hours.

Thanks for the reply, it just sucks because it’s pretty much every channel I would watch. Did you just rescan individual channels, or did you delete the Spectrum provider and re-add it?

I think you may have to remove/readd for this error.

Started having the same issue with a few Spectrum channels. Finally deleted and logged in again, now I can't even add it back on. Gives me this error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'click' of null at spectrumLogin (tveloginhelper.js:42:12) at tveloginhelper.js:259:5

I waited for a while and still have the same issue. No problems when I try logging in t TVE via a broadcaster's website (e.g., I've never had this issue before.

Could you click Support > Submit Diagnostics

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I just submitted diagnostics. I too was getting the same error mentioned above.

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 4.13.11 PM

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I'm uploading a fix now. Check for new pre-release in about 20 minutes.

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Build v2020.11.20.2123 is ready now.

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Ah, it works now! Killer response time. Do you ever sleep?

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Yes, thank you so much! I'm all good on my end as well!

My version is 2020.09.14.2100 and it says it's up to date.

Try holding Shift while clicking/holding the update button. That should get you the pre-release (in more recent versions, there is now a drop down menu to specifically update to the latest pre-release)

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I was able to upgrade but I'm still getting the authz error

Same here. I'm on 2020.11.20.2123, but NFL Network keeps saying "authz retries failed error" on Spectrum. I tried to rescan the entire source, but it started scanning for a few seconds and then the window went away. Was not able to get back into the source, without restarting the web interface.

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Can you open the browser JS console and see if any error is shown when the scanner goes away randomly

It doesn't go away

Sorry when I scan in the console I get the error. Everything else seems to be working correctly.

Here's what I see when trying to have Spectrum rescan for channels, and scan window closes on it's own.

jsonpipe connecting
globals.js:223 jsonpipe connected
globals.js:228 event Object
globals.js:218 jsonpipe connecting
globals.js:223 jsonpipe connected
globals.js:228 event {Type: "hello", Version: "2020.11.20.2123"}
globals.js:228 event {Type: "activities.set", Name: "8-tve"}

Also, I now see the "authz retries error" on Big Ten Network and ESPN2, as well. ESPN is OK

I updated to server 2020.11.21.0001, but still could not rescan the individual channels with the error, nor rescan the entire Spectrum source. So, I deleted Spectrum and set it up again. That seems to have worked.

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