Away from Home CGNAT Access

My ISP uses a CGNAT system. So port forwarding is out of the question. Is their another option to where I can access my dvr away from home. I most likely wont watch tv that much away from home. I usually just use my phone to set up recordings.

You could try

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Were you able to get Tailscale working? I set up their SSO, installed their custom Wireguard clients, launched the Channels app on my cellular iPads (not connected to Wifi), copied/pasted the Wireguard app IP of my Mac mini with Channels DVR Server... I also tried visiting the webpage assigned to my account... and didn't have any luck.

I'm really at a loss since I'm not very technical and don't know how to for my (ExpressVPN) VPN public IP onto my gateway.

I'm going through this right now. I just posted another thread about my issues: Unable to access my DVR away from home

Hoping that we can figure out a solution.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it working.