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We watch our home channels setup from our RV. Everything works fine, but it would be nice if we could adjust the time for the guide. The server at our house has two HDHomeRun tuners picking up Sacramento locals. We're currently in Montana (central) timezones. It would be nice if I could adjust the times in the guide to show our timezones and not Pacific time. For example local news starting at 5pm should display as 6pm. Am I missing a setting in my Firestick that allows a time offset or timezone setting?

Your OS should have a system level setting to set your timezone.

Is this even possible, to fake a timezone in the OS that Channels DVR will negotiate?

It's not faking a timezone, it's using your system's locale setting. All times are sent to the clients (local and remote) in UTC, and the client uses the system locale settings to display the time.

Got it. So an easy fix for the OP. Thanks!

Should work for scheduled recordings if you set the timezone on your Channels DVR server to Central time.

When you chose the guide for your HDHR's in Channels DVR, you gave it your Sacramento zipcode and it picks up the correct guide data for Sacramento.

Say the Sacramento news is on at 5pm Pacific according to the guide data for your Sacramento zipcode. That's 6pm Central time.
So if your server is set to Central time, it should start recording the news at 6pm Central/5pm Pacific.

Basically repeating what @racameron said, I just find it easier to follow an actual example when it comes to timezones and time differences in guide data.

No, don't do this. Set your DVR server's timezone to the timezone where it physically is. Set your clients' timezone to where they are physically located. That way your DVR will start recording at 5 PDT, but your client will display it as 6 CDT.

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Thanks. That did the trick. Set new Timezone then Restart Firestick. No change on the server.