Behavior of Rewind and Fast Forward buttons

Just grabbed a Fire TV recently (Black Friday deal) and tried to watch recordings with Channels DVR.

I noticed that the Fast Forward button behaves the same way as manually pressing the "right arrow" on the circular button: it skips 30 seconds once. To keep fast forwarding, you have to press and hold the FW button.
For Rewind, it skips back 10 seconds once. You have to keep pressing for continuous rewinding.

Is the behavior of buttons dictated by the Fire TV SDK or is it something that can be changed in the Channels software?

It would be nice to have a typical (and expected) behavior: press once and release the button to fast forward or rewind through the video until you press the FW/RW/Play button to stop.

I am currently in the first week of my 1-month trial of Channels DVR and hoping to make it work so that my family is comfortable using it. However, with this unexpected behavior, I can already hear my wife in my head complaining that fast forwarding and rewinding don't work. :laughing:

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I would really like to see classic 2x/4x/8x/16x fast-forward and rewind implemented.

For the most part, the skip and commercial skip functions are preferable. And I'm pretty impressed with the reliability of the commercial detection. But there are still times when I want to speed through a program and have some idea what's going on. Notably, when I'm trying to find something they've teased in a newscast.

Pretty please? (Android TV in my case.)