Best MCE Settings?

Using MCE Buddy, what commercial detection should I select for Channels recordsings?

Channels DVR already does comskip ... and creates an EDL ? Why would you run it twice ?

It creates a json file - is that the edl? If I bring the file into MCE I should just say "use markers"?

On the Web Page you can set it to create EDL file.

Ahhh very cool. And MCE Buddy will use that automatically?


Tried to record a few things overnight using the ENABLE COMMERCIAL DETECTION setting and then setting MCE Buddy to Remove Commercials using markers. It was a mess. Shows started 5 seconds late, clipped dialogue between commercials and ended 30 seconds or so early.

Any thoughts on how to trouble shoot this ?

You can always edit the commercials in Channels DVR it has a graphically Interface before putting them through mcebuddy,.. I would never do auto commercial cutting unless I check the commercials in Channels DVR first.

this seems pretty labor intensive for something that's supposed to save you time. If I spent 10 minutes checking an episode - EVERY episode - why not just leave the in and FF through them? It's actually less time out of my life. Automation is the goal, right?

Comskip will never be 100% accurate remove commercials if you want but remember it is not always accurate. I find it not worth it to auto remove commercials that is one reason why PLEX now gives you the option to not remove commercials.... before they used to cut it always.

Set MCEBuddy to detect and add Chapters, not cut them out. Then you can use something that reads Chapter markers (VLC, Plex) to skip. See my post here: PLEX Playback with Comskip

So, if we've done manual edits, the EDL file will reflect that when we export? I'm heading home this summer where there is a PC and I was thinking if that's the case that for the stuff I want to keep I might run them through MCE Buddy so that I can get some compression as well. Or I might just buy a larger hard drive if I need to. I haven't decided yet.

Yes the EDL will reflect the changes and MCEBUDDY will use that EDL as long as it is in the same folder as the video.