Best Provider with most channels?

What’s the best ott provider to use to get the most channels in Channels DVR?

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PlayStation Vue

Richard..I'm looking at PSV web page; do the viewing plans come with
a cloud-based DVR as well if you choose not to use Channels Plus TVE?

Sorry..Dr Google answered..strike the inquiry..

I guess you answered about their DVR . The big advantage with Channels it will allow out of home simultaneous viewing on a TV which Vue doesn't allow.

PS Vue does have a cloud DVR with unlimited storage. However, the DVR doesn’t work on many local affiliates (ABC, NBC, etc.) Instead they simply give access to Video On Demand programming, which has commercials you cannot skip.

Most major metro areas have access to the full DVR but dozens of smaller markets are blocked.

Also all recordings are deleted after 28 days. If episodes are re-broadcast, they will record again but that’s going to vary from show to show.

That said, Vue is definitely a great match for Channels’ TV Everywhere.

Yes, PSVue appears to beat out You Tube TV; the real test will be
the wife..the UI doesn't appear as polished as YTTV at this point in time but
the TVE integration with Channels is awesome..much better IMHO than that of

You can always get Discounted PSN cards with Vue. Google ones are harder to find.

Are the PSN cards used to purchase or rent Playstation games/content?

Same ones. They all use the same wallet. I use you get $10 off $50 when you sign up and often have site wide sales

Their dvr doesn’t work on Fox Fx or Fxx either.

Whoops..not seeing CBS (local) on my PSVue Guide..this
definitely is a deal breaker

The locals you need to get vi a hdhomerun device, either a Prime or a Connect.

They don’t come over the TVE.

CBS was not found in PSVue; I realize that Channels TVE does not host
local broadcasts..thank you; I was not clear in my post above what I meant

I’m feeling we are off topic.

I thought directv now has more tve access ?

They don’t have warner media(which ironically they own) Actually their support is pretty bad, if you consider they don’t even carry AMC, Discovery or Scripps in their new packages. The only thing I see missing from Vue is Nat geo wild, which could be a glitch.

I'm currently demoing out a few different providers with the help of my family. See below.

How many channels does PSVue provide?

DirectTV Now - 95 channels
Philo - 73 Channels
Sling TV - 68 Channels

How many channels are you getting in Channels DVR for PSVue?

Everyone I subscribe to, except Nat Geo wild. Where are you getting your numbers from? No way Sling has 68. I think Disney is the only they have access to.

I'm pulling it from my Channels DVR server.