Best way to use Verizon Fios TVE

Ok I got so excited to use TVE instead of the HDHR because I THOUGHT It was going to eliminate my "Tuner Not Available" issue but it still rears its ugly head ALL THE TIME! Why is this?

Also I'm not getting all of my Verizon Fios channels. The channels I do get are in a crazy order. Why is this?

Can someone PLEASE help me out here! Thank You!

Where is your dvr server installed? Is it connected via Ethernet and set to always-on?

well I have it installed on a Mac was always on Ethernet but recently I had to move it so it is currently on wifi...but it is right next to the router.

Can you check the Help tab on the dvr web UI and make sure no errors are shown.

when i click help I see all green I looking for something else?

i submitted my logs as 1325d83c-973d-4773-92a0-b02d34357cf0 .

Your DVR logs look fine.

What device are you using which shows Tuner Not Available? Can you submit diagnostics from there?

its an apple would I submit from there?

Bottom of the settings tab, select submit diagnostics > video player

ok i'll do that now...done

also when I do a channel scan it starts with [x/199] but when it finishes it always comes back with 157 channels.

i keep seeing people talking about channel mapping. With me being in GA and using fios from NY is there a way to get/map my local channels?

also is there a way to get the channels that I'm missing like lifetime and change the order in the guide?

also what does this mean "abcgo: 1039:This station's live stream is not available through your TV Provider." can I not see abc?

There exist 199 channels could possibly become available via TV Everywhere integration. However, using the credentials you provided, only 157 are authorized for viewing. The other 42 are not available because either you do not have a corresponding channel in your subscription, or FiOS does not have TVE support with their carriage agreement for that channel.

Exactly as it states: streaming access to your local ABC affiliate is unavailable using your FiOS credentials.

ok that makes a lot of sense...She has ALL of the channels available in NY but maybe they all aren't available via TVE.

is there any work around for getting ABC in ATL?

Locast supports the Atlanta market. Locast logins are also supported in Channels.

(While Locast does offer a free tier, it is regularly interrupted with ads for support; a "donation" of $5/mo or greater is required to suppress these ads. Because the interruptions make streaming unreliable and diminish the experience, Channels only supports Locast logins that have donated.)

yes I just attemped to use the locast and was quickly shut down by the realization that I didnt donate...

is there a way to find out if a channel supports TVOne? I have like 4 channels (A&E, TVOne, Lifetime, & Lifetime Movie Network) that I would love to use/see but they don't show up during the channel scan. They are a part of the subscription and I can log into the app individually but I just cant get them in channels.

A+E Networks stations (A&E, Lifetime, History, etc.) do not provide live streams, so they aren't supported.

that's good to know...thank you...

so any app that doesn't have a live streaming option that means its not going to work with TVE no matter what provider I use??