Beta and smooth playback

2nd gen fire tv box. Get parse error when I try to get the beta app. Is that normal?
Also playback motion isn't as smooth as it should be. Panning scenes is jumpy, live and recorded.
Also lots of random pauses watching live tv. Local streaming is set to original.
Tuner is hd homerun quatro with latest firmware. Strong local ota signal. DVR is running on win 10, core i5 2400 @ 3.1ghz with 16gig ram. All devices hard wired into 1 gig switch. HD Homerun app looks much better, motion smooth and no live tv random pausing. Any suggestions?

Android beta releases have been suspended until the developers retool their beta release packaging, because the Google Play Store does not have a very good/consistent implementation with regard to beta releases:

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You can try changing the settings on the Player tab to see if helps, including Deinterlacing and Surround Sound settings.

In general we are no longer supporting FireOS5 devices and recommend upgrading to the new FireTV 4K Stick.

I'll check those setting and do some testing.

If i decide to upgrade to a new player, would you recommend a fire stick or the nvidia shield?
And if the shield, which model?
FWIW, I prefer wired devices

The shield is great. You want the pro (not tube).

Why do you say this?

I have both models, and Channels is fine on either one.

Because the tube is running the 32bit version of Android and applications, despite the hardware itself being 64bit. There have also been other issues with the tube reported, IIRC.

Interesting. However, the only "issues" that I have read about, if for a small list of apps that are all heavy intensive games. And something called Dolphin Emulator. I do not find much anything on the internet about this topic, it is even not really talked about on Nvidia's own, I can not find proof that this tech spec difference is any kind of real "issue" or reason to not recommend the cheaper Tube model for use as a basic stream box.

Channels uses very little resources, so 32 bit and 1GB less ram should not be an issue.

The tube Shield still has better/stronger hardware than say those HDMI sticks like FireTV and also Roku boxes far as i can tell.

interested in why pro only
Currently have the old one but was looking at the tube

Because the tube model is artificially limited by running a 32bit user space on a 64bit processor. Especially when all of the other Android development is done for 64bit userlands.

A proven reason or issue as to how this 32bit OS affects Channels usage to back up statement/conclusion would be greatly appreciated. Legit want to know what makes u think that.

I have not seen any reports stating the Pro is "better" than the Tube model when it comes to media streaming, video playback, and Home Media use. If you want to use it as a server or play games on, then yea, Pro probably be better choice.

The Pro has USB ports, so it is more flexible for add ons like usb remotes etc.

I have no personal evidence. However, there has been shared empirical evidence on this forum from owners for the tube Shield with 32bit userland experiencing more issues than normal. My comment to stay away from the device is merely coalescing the collective comments on this forum into a generalized vote of "No Confidence" in this device.

If you would like to submit qualitative analyses regarding the suitability of the newer tube-style Shield, please do. But, until that time I am going to have to abide by the numerous reports I've read here and elsewhere across the internet stating that this is a device to be avoided.

I can't seem to find any such numerous reports here or else where...
I find only 2 reports via search here and one of which the unit was on wifi and is specific to UK tv streams, and the other issues seem unrelated to the model itself.
But ok, thanks for explaining. Appreciated.

@tmm1 Could you comment on this? I would be interested to know what Channels issues are reported with the Tube model that makes you state this. So I can keep an eye out for them. So far, no issues here.

The reports here were related to buffering and memory issues. Inherently, 32bit operating systems cannot address as much memory as 64bit operating systems. There are some mitigations that can happen, and this can further be alleviated by running a 32bit userspace on a 64bit kernel.

Beyond what has been posted here, there have also been mismatches and ill-performing software reported elsewhere. Most of that has been because the Shield platform was expected to be 64bit, and inconsistencies that ensued because Nvidia decided to cripple their hardware.

Furthermore, in previous posts to this thread the developers have specifically stated that they recommend the "Pro" model of the Shield, not the "Tube" version. However, if you are using the 32bit tube version without issue, then by all means continue to do so. Just because a platform is not recommended or endorsed does not mean it will not work.

I found and read that,one reported case, and is still being investigated, I see, but it was indicated that the data streams being UK are different than here in the USA, to that is what dev thinks is the factor. Possible a thing with ffmpeg that needs addressing. (which makes sense to me as Emby has similar buffer / pausing issues for a while for me across multiple devices and it was found to be ffmpeg issue.)

Not at all indicative of a broad issue with Channels App and the 2019 Tube Shield though.
Other software apps performance is not relevant and is outside the scope how Channels performs.

Unless the dev can shed more light on the subject, i still say that this claim, so far, has little merit.
(Especially when I can run the same app on an older 32bit 1gb ram ZTE phone with no issues. Or on some cheap China ebay ATV box)

Not intending to dismiss the statement, but I just want some hard facts and data behind as to why the Dev of the DVR app/software i just made my only source of TV, claim this.
It is past my return period for the Tube model, and this statement greatly concerns me for future usability. (Happy Wife == Happy Life)
(If i had known this recommendation, I would hated to, but woudl have spent the $50 more to get Pro for my living room as well. Also, the Tube model does go on sale for $30 at it is very appealing to newbie cord cutters like me.)

(I do not consider this off topic, as the it was the dev that posted here in direct response to the OPs question about a newer device recommendation in 3rd post. There is also one other user also who wants to know why Pro only)

We do not support TVE on 32bit ARM devices, so if you think you might want to move your dvr server onto the shield too then you would need the 64-bit pro device. We have also seen some 32-bit Android bugs in our guide search database, as well as in the live tv buffer implementation.


Thank you very much for the response

It’s so strange nvidia decided to do this

So this would only apply for a user looking to run the DVR server on the Shield, not as a client then. TVE works fine on the Tube model using the ATV app. (I am using Stable app version)

Is this on the app side? or is this for when the sever is run on the 32bit Shield?
I rarely use search in the app, but it seems to work fine here.

This I would like to know more about. Aside from the previously linked to thread about a UK user "running out of memory" are you referring to some other discovered issues?
U state "bugs" which implies they are things you can fix/resolve then?

Thanks for the reply.

Not really. I think their statement as to why is that 64bit version actually runs worse with less than 3GB of ram. The tube has 2GB.

It is odd that the Nvidia product page for specs, does not list it as 32bit OS.