BETA: Audio improvements for Apple TV and iPhone/iPad

Getting distorted audio in the newest beta now. Diagnostics submitted. Thanks.

Try this one:


If you have AppleTV audio routed to a stereo pair of homePods it is a direct wifi link, I think what you call AWDL.

Yes sir, much better. Thanks.

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Newest beta on TVOS has really bad audio breakups on experimental audio on ATSC3. Diags sent.

OG HomePods set up as stereo pair. Running server version 2021.11.19.2040 and tvOS version 2021 (11.20.19). After watching live or recorded tv for about 30 seconds, there's terrible jitter on the experimental audio driver.

Logs have been submitted as b34752cf-0bc9-4558-94be-22c7fa38ceb5 .

Can you submit from the app itself

Just submitted. Odd thing, turning on Show Stats seems to re-sync.

Thanks. Try with 11.20.1634 update from TestFlight

Works great. Thanks again.


The audio gets out of sync when watching a recording. Additionally, when fast-forwarding (or skipping commercials), the audio mutes. I submitted diagnostics for review.

The diagnostics you just submitted were from v5.1.0 not the beta app with the fixes.

Just submitted from the beta app, where the problem is even worse.

Submitted another set of diagnostics after the program I was watching kept pausing and then the audio began to sound like The Chipmunks.

Looks like that recording is switching between 6ch and 2ch audio, possibly during commercials. It is confusing the audio driver. Can you email that recording to support if you still have it?

You can upload it here:

Please DM me with the program name (I don't remember!) and I will try to recover.

Additionally (perhaps because of the early hour) I can't find how to download from the web admin.

You would get the file from your hard drive with your file manager.

I too did notice during commercial break I would lose sound. Or even sometimes coming off a commercial to the show I would lose sound. But I didn't pay attention if it was Over the Air or TVE.

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