Beta: GUI Based Rule Editor

With the big new advances in search that allow us to do some really advanced queries, we've applied this to our new Collections and Virtual Channel features to let you create great stuff like 80's Tom Cruise Action movies.

Previously, you had to manually write the query yourself using the awesome query language. Starting in today's latest DVR pre-release, you can build these queries with GUI tools rather than having to write them by hand.

Now you can use the Rule Editor to build Smart Collections and Smart Virtual Channels, real fast and real easy.

Even better, you can drop back to an advanced text based editor for the rule that the Rule Editor builds. You can also use this for more advanced rules that the Rule Editor can't handle. But for most people, this should be enough to bust out some really great Collections and Virtual Channels.

As with everything we put out early, this is...early. There's still a lot of work to do on it, but we wanted to get it into your hands early so you can play with it.

We'll add more facets as time moves on.


It's real easy man.