PREVIEW: Library Collections and Virtual Channels (v2021.07.16.2141)

Things have been quiet this summer, but we've been working behind the scenes laying the groundwork for some exciting new features.

There is still a long way to go, but we wanted to share what's available today as an early preview.

Library Collections

Now you can organize your movies and shows into collections. Available on the web UI under Library > Collections

Virtual Channels

Create your own live channels from your movies, shows and collections.

To enable, click Add Source > Virtual Channels, then select Live TV > Virtual Channels to manage.

To watch virtual channels, you will need the latest Android or Apple beta from


Thanks testing it out now. Do you have on the roadmap to make these virtual channels smart eg. automatically add an item of a particular genre, year to a channel

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The add content doesnt seem to work when I am trying to create a collection in either tv or movies. The content shows up as I search but when I try to click/select an item, there is no response ie it doesnt add it

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Edit nm is see its created

Am i missing order controls or are they yet to appear

Not there yet, but coming I believe.

No order controls yet.

Smart collections are planned, as are many other features.


you made my week man - no more dizquetv problems with having to transcode twice

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This is great! Have been waiting for this since dizquetv was released. Once you get the ability to do our own order I will be set. Keep of the great work.

Do you guys want bugs yet with how early it is? I am seeing weird glitches where an hour episode is all of a sudden 10 minutes long in the guide and changing channels with a channel up makes these channels never load

Wow, just wow.

I configured Virtual Channels and appears to be working well.
I have configured a few Library Collections but haven't quite figured how to get them to display on the client. Where should I look?

Are you looking in the Apple TV or Android beta? I believe the library collections are only visible in the latest version of the beta.

Yes I am using the latest Atv beta

I would assume it should be similar in form to:
Server Side Only > Channel Collections
but more like
Server Side Only > Library Collections ?

For the collections is there a path we can put images in the Channels DVR Folder for the URL?

I'm having the same problem; can't get anything to add to a show collection β€” also the display of the show details on hover is partially obscured by the search results box.

I tried in both Safari on Mac/iOS and Chrome on Mac; behavior was identical.

The issue with adding content is fixed in newer prerelease

^^^ THIS is what I've been waiting for! Now, I know we are day zero here and I have no idea what the full plans are, but here are some quick notes/ideas:

  • There does not appear to be a way to re-organize a collection after it is created. Would want to be able to move them around into a preferred order, especially if I want to put another one in the middle.

  • Would want the ability to create Sub-Collections, even just 1 layer deep, and especially if they could aggregate up. As an example:

    --> Family | Animals
    --> Family | Space
    --> Family | Game Shows
    --> Dad | Sports
    --> Dad | SciFi
    --> Dad | Existentialism

  • Need different ways to add content. Search is OK, but text Filter would be better. Show the whole library (or page of the library for resource management) and allow to browse as normal or filter down on criteria in the box. Also, would prefer to just go to the program in the Library and click a button for "Add to Collection" like the "Add to Favorites" one.

  • Similarly, a filter mechanism for the general library could be "Not In Collection" to just get those programs so we could get that list for anything new and then "Add to Collection" through the aforementioned button.

  • It appears you remove content by clicking on it? Boy, that has caused some massive confusion because I would believe that is how you would access the content in the Web UI.

  • Would like a Global Option to say if a program can be in multiple collections or not. In my case, I would not (except in the aggregated situation shown above), but I can certainly see others that would, which is the current default.

  • I can't seem to find a place to launch a program from the collection in the Web UI or on Android Beta. That said, I would like the Collections to be available in Movies | TV sections and not just Library.

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Thanks. Still seems pretty rough (no visual indication that tapping/clicking does anything if the search box is obscuring the display underneath, need to use Save or changes are lost, only search, not browsing, etc.) but hopefully these will improve with time! Also it'd be nice to be able to add shows for which you have passes even if there's no current episodes; I'm pretty aggressive about deleting things.

If it feels bad, we know it’s bad :wink: This is all realy early.