Beta: Metadata Editing

It has immediately occurred to me that these don't work directly from the poster picker modals. I'm working on it. BETA!

OK, all fixed up. As of the latest pre-release, uploads are now incorporated into the art picker. You can get to your Uploads via the tab.


This is great!. Any way we can get previous uploaded images to show in the Manage Upload section? I only see new uploaded images there.


That certainly shouldn't be the case. It shows all of the uploads from the system.

What do you mean by "new uploaded images"? Do you mean that you have so many uploads that they don't all show?

The only images I see in the Manage Uploads are the images I have added since this beta was released. Any uploaded images from yesterday do not show.

They do show when I try to pick them for a collection though or edit artwork just not in the Manage Uploads.

We figured it out, we'll get it fixed in the next pre-release.

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Excellent! Thanks

This should be resolved with the latest pre-release.

As of the latest pre-release, you can now categorize your uploaded images and browse via their categories as well. This should help clean things up a bit and give you just ONE more thing to organize! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can see an example of how it works below.


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I am still having the issue. When I installed the update I was able to see every image I uploaded today and one of my older images form the previous day.

I stopped and started the channels server and like before I could see all the images I uploaded today plus now one more older image from the previous day.

Every time I restart the server I get to see one more additional older image.

I submitted logs if it helps e97cffd1-70d7-4714-aecd-c958749136ab

Please submit diagnostics

Here you go…



Thanks. Fix coming.

EDIT: Should be working in v2022.03.16.1953

Works perfect! Thanks

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Not sure if this is the correct topic in the forum, but...
For my Un-matched shows, I used "Pick Art" to add the correct art instead of the SMPTE Bars placeholder, but I wonder if once I've done that, how I can update an un-matched series, so that it appears in my regular TV "Shows" area, and no longer appears in the Un-matched area?

See above:

Something changed. Imported unmatched content and latest beta DVR. Previous I could edit metadata at the episode level. That option was gone today.

The drop down “gear” edit option is missing from the above Watched Favorite Locked Trash line. Note: This episode has previously edited metadata.

The next view is checking the Select Box (check mark shown). Then actions and edit metadata.

Previously edited metadata for this episode is no longer editable. Bring back the gear option on episodes.


New beta solved the missing gear issues listed above. Thanks.

Recorded a series on PlayOn and Channels imported as usual. All of the episodic info is correct but the pic and the title associated with the pic are a completely different show. Tried to correct the metadata and the only choice presented was this wrong one. Can't see any way to get the pic and it's caption to be correct.

You can click Update Art and Edit Metadata instead of Fix Match