Beta: Metadata Editing

I cannot get the update Art feature to propagate the change across all episodes for the tv show. It just updates the main poster, I am selecting the check box “apply new poster to all recordings of this show”, but this does not work for me.

This is really a great addition to channels. I have to two thoughts about it that I think that would make it even better.

  1. Can you leverage the embedded meta data in iMovie files? For example, I process all home videos in iMovie and afterward they have image art and whatever meta data I supply. I've also added meta data via MetaDoctor as an example as well.

  2. Could we have a library category for Home Videos similar to the one for Kids?

Thanks for adding this feature!

All this is planned!

Excellent! Looking forward to these additions.

Im still seeing this sporadically in the virtual channels after using the “apply poster to all…” in the metadata editor.

In the library it looks great

But in the virtual channel im seeing this,

but my process is the same for the other virtual channels and those music video posters show up fine in the guide.

Could the bulk metadata editor, be trashing the artwork somehow?

Because of the way the guide is generated for the virtual channels, I believe any changes you make to the metadata will not be updated in the virtual channel until the guide updates (usually around 9am each day). You can manually force the guide update, and this might fix your issue.

I also did this from Library > Shows
Pick the show.
Edit Metadata for any episode, make NO changes to it and click Save.
Viewing the episode from DVR > Manage > Shows, it lost the show artwork and displays the placeholder image instead.

The recorded files json no longer has the Airing.Image url, but it still exists in Airing.Raw.program.preferredImage.

Doing a Refresh Metadata on the episode brings the show art back (adds the recorded files json Airing.Image url)

Is it still happening? Should have been fixed in 03.05.1736

Yes, still happening. I'm running 2022.03.05.1736

That was it for me. Thank you.
The guide must have updated last night and artwork propagated through. Good call.

Are there text character count limits in the summary section, and other descriptive sections. Ive noticed if the descriptions are too long, in certain menus they are cut off on the clients.

Could a text character counter or word counter be added in the input fields, so the metadata text will show up in optimal form everywhere?

Or some other solution?

No, it’s best to just get a feel for it. A character count won’t help as the fonts aren’t fixed width anyways. So it’s not that simple.

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This is the perfect opportunity to request a way to select and display the entire description. There is no way to view a truncated description. (This is especially glaring in the movies details, because that full screen view only seems to use the top 50-60% of the screen.)

(Most other apps allow you to select the text widget, which presents just the description text full screen.)


Sorry, looks like this was missed among other questions...

Recording status is not part of the metadata that's being exposed here.

Also marking as not recorded isn't enough, because most passes are set to record New episodes and subsequent airings won't be marked as New.

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Any recommendations for sports (mainly college football)? I have had mixed results so far and if there is a naming convention that you recommended, I'd prefer to try that first.

Have I said thank you for this feature yet? It's so awesome!



Recommendations of what exactly?

Naming conventions of the file?

There’s nothing in Channels that scans for sport events anyways. So there’s nothing really you can do to make it better.

We can look at this in the future. But for now you’re going to need to manage imported sporting events manually.

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