BETA: TMDB metadata for TV episodes

Yay, I was able to match all of my unmatched shows except for one!!!

Now, some notes (might just be because this is Beta v0.1 and you are already working on it, but putting it down anyway):

  • Even though I was able to match, they remained in "Unmatched Shows" under Manage.

  • When I added a new episode, it did not automatically pull the metadata for it. I had to fix the match again at the show level, and then it corrected.

  • I had already previously used the manual metadata updater to change the image, description, etc... and none of this changed. I actually rather liked that it did not update, so will say keep it that way.

  • During search, if there is a year in the description (i.e., "Name of Show (2023)"), then search will return nothing. You have to remove the year for this to work.

Otherwise, beautiful stuff! Been waiting a long time for something like this, thanks so much!

+1 for Filebot, I use it mainly for Emby though.

I'm here for the sports, very seldom do I ever want to save an event after I've combed over it a few times. It is handy for the occasional Pluto 60s western I may record occasionally.



weird. lmk if this happens again.

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Fixed the 2nd point for me, regarding leaving the year with the show name.

It still won't update the show description for Batman - The Animated Series. It fixes the episode ordering, but insists on only showing me the show as The New Batman Adventures. That part won't update.

#1 and #2 seem to be working fine for me now. #3, though, is still the same. Here's an example I just added to test:

If I refresh the metadata nothing happens, but if I "Find Match" again (and another note, it is still showing the "Find Match" menu instead of the "Fix Incorrect Match" menu), then is comes in correctly:

Please submit diagnostics.

We currently only use TMDB for episode information not show information

How about artwork because it’s not pulling show artwork. Thanks.


Show information includes show artwork. TMDB artwork is not the correct dimensions for Channels.


possibly fixed also in next prerelease

So I had a show that was not in gracenote but then added it via tvdb. Guess for those scenarios the art work must be done manually. Thanks.

I see. So, if the show is mixed up on Gracenote, it's not going to change anything if I choose to have the information pulled from TMDB, just the episode ordering?

I guess there is no solution then for this particular show because Gracenote has these two thrown together as one.

If that is the case, it's not a bug.

I see, yea they're mixed into the same series on the gracenote side.

The workaround for now would be to split the series first, then assign tmdb to the new series.

You would need to select the individual episodes, then in the multi-action menu pick Fix Incorrect Show. Select TMS and pick some other random show that's different. Maybe the 1966 batman. Then it will move all the episodes to that "show" and you can fix the art/description and map to TMDB to get the proper episode information.

You could also do the same by changing the folder name to something random that won't match correctly into gracenote before scanning the files in. That way you'll end up with a separate group that can be fixed and mapped to TMDB.

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I would prefer the show and episodes get matched by TMDB and pull the artwork from gracenote if needed. Is this on the roadmap?

Gracenote images can only be used with their metadata.

Seemed to work, I'll keep an eye out for when an episode I haven't added in a previous test becomes available or just make up something new to test tomorrow and will let you know if there are any issues.

Not for me:


Gotcha. At least for series with a lot of episodes it makes manually fixing those individually a lot better. Just having to manipulate the show at series level one time is a time saver.

Out of curiosity, do you only allow the placard size for TV Series images due to the limitation with Gracenote's images? It is very hard for some old series shows to find good placard sized images. Thumb size is much easier to make and find. I get it though if Gracenote doesn't provide that size.

Is it difficult on the coding size to allow Thumb sized images?

You could edit the metadata to add whatever images you want. But the Channels api UI expects 4:3 aspect ratio and other images won't look good in that layout. It's not easy to redo the layout, nor would it work if some images are 4:3 and others aren't.

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Okay, with this version...

... I now get this...


... instead of this...


Is that because of this?

Also, I added a net new show that was not in Gracenote and didn't match, did the TMDB Match, and then added an episode. It immediately pulled the new episode description, so I think I can confirm that one fixed!

how do you deal with specials in tv shows - i have them set for moviedb but they don't match

I don't know whether this will be the case for your show but, a lot of times, specials are labeled as season 0 (zero).

Maybe try: name_of_show - S00E01.mpg.