Beta: TVE Tuner Sharing Improvements

In the latest DVR pre-release we have made improvements to how Tuner Sharing works for TVE and other HLS-based sources.

This fixes the pause that was often experienced a few seconds after tuning into a TVE channel that was already being watched on a different device. Additionally, it will reduce the memory consumption related to slow local clients.

Please let us know if you run into any issues with this.


Wow tuning TVE on 2nd and 3rd Clients was instant.


I am not sure if this is related. I normally record an NFL game over TVE. Then start watching that record after about 30 minutes. I FF through the commercials and at some point I will end up catching up to the game live. However when I do catch up live. I am still getting the buffering issue. After a few seconds it would buffer. Sometimes even 20 or so seconds after that it will do it again. Just never seems to straighten out. If I scrub back 10 seconds. Buffer issue totally goes away. I can reproduce the weird buffer issue almost every time when I FF to the live recording.

Yes, this is a fundamental aspect of how the streaming works. New video is sent in 5-10 second chunks at a time, so if you fast forward as far as you can, you will get into a situation where you are waiting for the next segment to become available.

We’re thinking about ways to make it so that you don’t get into this situation but handling it with watching a recording in-progess is the most difficult for us to handle for this issue.

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Often, we will have multiple TV's going on the same channel at the same time - this is usually when we're watching a live game and we want it showing across more than one TV at the same time.

I've noticed that even with tuner sharing enabled, the feeds are still out of sync - will this feature help address that?

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With TVE or custom channels, yes it is MUCH better. To be fair, it isnt technically Channels responsibility to sync up the feeds. But with shared feeds, they are now within a second or so of each other as opposed to 10 seconds off. I just usually pause the early one for 1 sec and they sync up well enough .


Thanks to everyone for their feedback and help on this feature! It is now part of the new stable DVR release that went out today.

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