Strange hiccups and repeating video when streaming remotely

I am still getting funky pauses, hiccups, lip-sync issues after the new tuner-sharing has been implemented. For example when a remote user tunes a channel using my HDHR and has been watching for a bit, I tune to the same channel here locally. It will spitter, spatter, and lip-sync squabble here locally. Not sure if it's everytime, I don't watch much TV, but I noticed it yesterday and today.

I'm on 2022.08.31.0122 server and the latest Android TV stable using onn 4K boxes.

This is very surprising. If you enable the experimental setting Old Tuner Sharing Buffer, stop all of your streams, and then start them again, does the issue go away?

I will experiment some more and report back!

@eric this happens remotely regularly. only problem is, my dad is 75 so it's hard to teach/tell him how to submit diagnostics. having said that i told him today to keep an eye on it and to text me if it happens. after less than 30 minutes i got a text that it happened at 5:01 CST. i did a video chat and showed him how to submit diagnostics which was about 15 minutes later. i had him choose "video player". i believe he was watching 107.1 or 7.1

i had him turn on the "help channels" function after he submitted it so it's currently now enabled on that device (onn 4k streaming box) if it helps with gathering data and coming up with a fix.

what happens is, it will repeat about a 2 or 3 second segment about 6 times over and over then finally correct itself when watching Live TV.


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Your description of the issue, and the fact that it's happening with remote streaming makes me think that this issue is unrelated to any of the recent buffer changes.

Could you have your father change the Streaming Quality from Original to 8mbps? I am wondering if the Onn box is having trouble decoding HEVC.

Well i've noticed it here locally as well, same onn box, I just don't watch local TV very much! I've been popping it on lately here and there to see if it's doing it, but it hasn't when I've been watching looking for it.

Were you able to pull in the diagnostics I had him send yesterday?

Due to a bug in the diagnostic code on Android, I was able to get some of the diagnostics but not all of them. We have improvements in the latest Android betas, but I understand that won't be the easiest thing for him to get up-and-running on.

It would make sense that you're also experiencing the issue locally with the same Onn boxes. The current guess that I have is that you're running into an issue with the video decoder on the Onn box when watching the ATSC-3 channels (starting in the 100's).

The fact that you can experience these issues locally and he is seeing them remotely leads me to believe that it isn't related to the local DVR buffering, but is something related to the playback.

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One of his devices is an Nvidia Shield and it's done it on there so I doubt it's a hardware issue. Also, I can play high bitrate HEVC content on the onn boxes with no issues. Does it help that he has "Help Channels" enabled on his primary box? Or will he need to manually submit diagnostics when it happens?

Is the HDHR firmware up to date? Could be an issue with those broadcasts

Ya they are both up to date (20220822).

The problem could indeed be related to the HDHR and/or the local broadcast networks. I am seeing the following in my tuner logs at times:

20220917-08:10:57 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 103.1 KMTV (atsc3:563MHz-5006)
20220917-08:11:03 HTTP: rejecting request from - no video data
20220917-08:11:03 Tuner: tuner0 http stream ended (requested time reached)

I have reported it to Silicondust and submitted a sample video for them to check out but they don't seem to be overly concerned about it. I've been reporting it for weeks.

@eric @tmm1

I noticed that it happened again today on my Android phone (Pixel 6 Pro). i then stopped it and clicked 'submit diagnostics'. it was 11:04a CST. Can you take a look???

I do see more issues decoding the stream on the client. This is either a problem with the ATSC-3 stream or a problem with the decoder on the device. I don't have a lot of insight into what could be causing it.

Are you able to watch the non-ATSC3 version of the feed?

"problem with the decoder on the device" -- meaning my HDHomeruns? Or the Streaming devices: Nvidia Shield, onn 4K box, and Pixel 6 Pro? Because it happens on both HDHR's and all of my streaming devices.

I've been pretty much exclusively watching the ATSC3 stations only since they only require about 1/3 of the bandwidth compared to the older ATSC1 stations. Should I focus on using only those for a while to see if the same thing happens?

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I saw the phone reporting issues when trying to decode the MPEG stream and having issues with audio.

There are a lot of potential things going on with these newer ATSC3 feeds that could cause problems. It would be very helpful to see if you run into the issues on the ATSC1 feeds. If you don't, that is likely the issue.

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The ATSC3 channels here do a lot of hiccups. I don't know if it is the hardware or the channel itself. But I get the hiccups constantly locally on an ATV4K Gen 1 and Gen 2.

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Is this something you can send to me and I can forward to either Silicondust and/or the local TV stations to get a fix going? Thanks Eric.

I don't think there's more we can provide to Silicondust that they don't already have access to. It's hard for us to track down where the source of the issue is, but if it doesn't happen on the ATSC1 broadcasts, chances are there's something wrong with the ATSC3 getting to us cleanly.

Ok thanks for your help. I'll keep barking down SD's door!

I would suggest you disable the ATSC3 channels on your tuner and see if the problem goes away. Then you'll know for certain if its related or not.

I'll do that. If it IS just the ATSC3 channels, would it be a SD issue to fix or the broadcasters?