Broken skip commercial button with Harmony


I know last week you've been able to acknowledge that this feature doesn't work with the Harmony remote. Are you able to provide an ETA of when this fix will come out. Right now kind of sucks watching recorded shows and have a button pop-up that I can't click on.



We have been trying to reproduce this.

Does it happen with other random IR remotes too? Are you using the harmony as IR remote or via some other profile?


I'm a little confused because maddox stated "I’ve confirmed that the button takes no action when selected via a harmony remote. It works as intended with the Siri remote. Very odd. I’ll be looking into it."

but yes harmony via IR
I sent in a video demonstrating this... you can see Skip commercial button bounce acknowledging the remote command.

Again in the video you can see the skip commercial button bounce acknowledging the remote button press.

If I use the iPad Apple TV remote app or the Siri remoteThe Skip Commercial button works.

If you want to face time in or team viewer in I would be happy to help


here is a screenshot
the OK button is mapped as the select command for the appletv remote


Ah ok sorry, sounds like @maddox was able to reproduce it. I don't have a harmony remote so I'm not sure. I'll try with a regular IR remote and see .

We're using a standard tvOS button, the same way we do all over the app. All the other buttons work but this one doesn't, which is not making much sense.


Have you had a chance to view the video I emailed in showing the remote in my hand trying to click the commercial button


We’ve reproduced the issue. We’re very clear in what the problem is. Thanks!


I’ve noticed the same issue with our TV remote, which Apple TV has been trained to recognise. I’ve found that a double-click on the OK button of the remote works.


Is there a way to disable this feature... Or rollback a version...Or anything

This past week the Channels app has gone from the most amazing thing I've used for years since a original beta tester To a really annoying way to watch television

Do you have the ETA on fix


Which remote are you using?

I used "Learn Remote" on my ATV4 with a generic philips brand programmable remote, and clicking the button is working as expected.


It’s a Pioneer AXD1551 - must be getting on for 10 years old.


can we steer this back to harmony users please,
I know maddox has confirmed this issue with his harmony.

And thank you for putting out a fix to turn this off, but please try to come up with a fix for harmony users I would like to use the feature instead of leaving it permanently disabled forever.


Add me to the list of harmony users. Would like to use the button!


Me too! I'm also having this issue with my Harmony remote.


Unfortunately we haven't been able to figure out what's going on. We are using a standard tvOS UIButton just like all the other buttons in the app. The OS handles the click animation and the trigger at the same time, so it's really weird that one is happening and not the other. It's possible this is a tvOS bug.

Regular IR remotes seem to work fine too, so it is something specific to how the harmony remote is sending the select command.


of all apps i use and pop-ups i have to click on this is the only button that doesnt take.

As developers are you able to open a ticket with apple to report the bug. I remember during tvos 12 announcement they made a big deal about official universal remote support.


That is so weird. It works just fine for every other function within the app. Quite a mystery. If there’s anything you think we can do to help, let us know.


I’m also experiencing this issue using one of the aluminium Apple IR remotes (my Siri remote is broken so I don’t use that).

Everything else works fine, but this button animated as if clicked and then nothing happens, as someone else is saying above.

Hopefully this gives you some more clues!


well at least now we know its not just harmony but the official apple ir remote too


I noticed today that even though the timeline doesn’t show, pressing the right skip button will skip the commercial, so it’s functionally identical.