Buffer Protection Setting Missing

Buffer Protection not showing on the server. It should be between Picture in Picture and Remote Control according to the documentation.

Are you using a current pre-release version of the DVR? That setting was only added in 2021.12.07.1834.

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Nailed it, testing now to see if it does indeed work.

Negative on the test. I was hoping it would work on my FireTV Stick, this keeps me from even using Channels.

Well, since those settings are only present on the Apple clients, it makes sense that it doesn't work on your Android–based devices:

If you want the latest and greatest features, you have to use Apple TV. Since Channels is focused on Apple first, always has been.

Changes and new features will make their way to Android, but it will be later, anywhere from soon to years from now, who knows.

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With 9 TVs, I can't afford to buy Apple TV boxes. I'm have FireSticks, because they work great and they are affordable. Plus I really hate Apple products.

Also, they don't advertise on their website that I won't get the latest and greatest unless I have Apple. So I didn't know that going in.

On their website is a page for the client apps, and there are sections for each platform detailing what features were added in which release. Additionally, the blog posts on their website indicate that Android does not quite have feature parity. Whether you read those sections, I don't know.

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And many hate Amazon products....imo, Fire TV is the WORST "smart tv/ streaming" system out there.

If you live and breath Amazon, then it makes sense to use it....same if you are in the Apple ecosystem.

Anyway, that is an off topic debate...

The statement of fact remains, if your main focus is having all the latest features and updates, you will need to use Apple TV.
Otherwise, you will need to wait until they make their way to Android based products.
If this is a deal breaker for you, then you may wan to look at using some other DVR type software that better suit your needs and requirements and budget.

I was hoping the feature being available on the server would allow it to be used from the FireTV client via the backend. I thought maybe the feature not being available on the FireTV client might just be a front-end limitation. Leave to a programmer to think that way.

I deal with Apple products at work. Over the last 20 years, I've cultivated a deep hatred of Apple based on my experience as an engineer.

Same. I refurbish old apple MacBooks all week long at my workplace. So I know what you mean…

However, that still doesn’t change the fact that many companies focus on making their product the best on Apple ecosystem.

I recently made the switch from android TV on Nvidia Shield to the Apple TV for several reasons but ultimately it was an easier transition than I expected. And I’m enjoying having a more feature rich and refined Channels DVR experience.

At least be grateful they have an android version.

I still miss Windows media center and having a dedicated desktop PC app/ software to use for TV like Emby has. (infact, its the opposite situation with Emby, they are Android and Pc focused, and Apple, is very lacking, with minimal effort or desire by the devs there to improve their software on Apple devices. Which sucks for me, cause i use Emby as my local media server, so have had to use a different 3rd party app to connect to the server, Infuse.)
The web browser interface that Channels has is very lacking, but they never intended it to be used as a client device in that fashion. Something I hope they work in in the future.

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I've never had a single FireTV related problem with the FireTVs. They just work all the time with no issues. The new 4K Max is amazing.

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Then that is good for you.
But, you can find plenty of posts of users that have not had such a wonderful and smooth experience with them. Keep that in mind.

I also think, but may be wrong, that Fire TV, since it is a separate thing than normal Google Play (Android phones and TV), being its own heavly modified Android OS, that it requires a separate app submission by devs. Maybe even its own build and different development process, so it may be secondary and further behind a tad to the normal Android development. (Again, I may be wrong with this thought, someone will correct me for if i am.)

The FireTV max is great ... The sound quality and Atmos is amazing. No Problem playing any Video I have thrown at it.

Is atmos passthrough working in Channels with latest beta? It should be but I didn't get a chance to try it.

I guess I would have to find a Video to Import into channels that has Atmos. I know the sound in Channels DVR sounds much better lately.

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I did a test from a download on my FireTV 4K max and 2 Echo Studios and The Sound is outstanding came from everywhere.


Does your audio devices show if Atmos is being used or not. And if so, does it say it?