I am getting a lot of buffering. Notice with playback on the HRHD app playback is smoother only occasional buffering. Any ideas on reasons.


What FireTV model?


Not positive but believe it is the 2nd gen stick not 4k. Thought about getting the new 4k stick to see if that would help and eventually upgrade router.


I have iPad pro and suface pro 3 will have to do more testing on those to see if it buffers.


So playing on ipad and surface it played great. So my new question is what to buy? I currently have Roku TV, webos lg TV, multiple Chromecast and fire sticks. Don't want to get new 4k stick if it does not work well. But also don't want to pay 160 for a shield tv. Does Roku have support and how does 4k stick work with channels.


Roku is not supported. The new 4K stick is a very good value and should work well for you.


Purchasing the 4K stick solved all my problems and works great.