BUG: Guide does not update if a channel is streaming


I seem to recall a previous post about this issue, but I could not find it just now so I'm creating a new post.

While watching TV in the Android app for an extended period of time (3 hours+) on the same channel, the guide data does not seem to update. If you pause while watching the stream, the portion on the right of the progress bar that normally shows the next program is blank. Likewise, if the Quick Guide is pulled down, the channels in the list only show the icon for the channel; none of the channels have any guide info displaying.

I believe this occurs because the initial loading of guide data on the client is limited to 3–4 hours. However, it seems that the app does not pull down guide data while viewing a stream. Backing out of the channel and returning to the guide (or any other screen in the app) will trigger a refresh of guide data.

Does the app not pull in guide updates while streaming a channel? Is this limited to the Android client? Also, I have noticed this behavior both while at home, as well as when using the Remote DVR functionality, so this does not appear to be a factor.