Quick guide goes blank and only displays channel icons

i believe this issue is still happening( BUG: Guide does not update if a channel is streaming) and i am on Apple TV I start watching tv around 5:30 pm do a mix of live tv and recordings at at 9pm like clock work i do a quick guide and see nothing but channel logos with no programming data, but if i got into the guide let it wait about 3-5 secs the guide data will populate with all the correct data that should be there and then the quick guide will be correct for a while. Fyi does this in Channels and channels Plus app both.

What version of the app? I think this is fixed in our beta

As the author of the referenced bug, I can confirm that this is a different/separate issue. Also, I have noticed this behavior on the release version for tvOS; however in my experiences the guide update issue was resolved in a recent beta release.

i am on the latest version of the Apple tv app. I am on the latest beta version of the dvr. how can i get on beta versions of TVos?
Channels v5.1.1
Apple TV 4K
tvOS 15.1.1

DVR Version

This happens to me as well. Intermittently the Quick Guide does go blank and there is nothing there except the channel icons. If you completely close and shutdown channels, everything is back but at some point it will always go blank again until you do the open/close workaround.

I have this problem also, it started 2 or 3 weeks ago. I generally go in via the On Now menu, after watching some programs, I'll back out of the program back to the On Now menu and it will be just the channel icons like the OP stated. If I back out to the channels menu and switch to the Guide it will also be blank but after 2 to 5 seconds it will populate with the program info. I can then go back to On Now and it will be populated as well. I have loaded up the latest beta (2022.01.10.1847) and still have the problem.

Not even sure it's related, but the same problem existed in the DVR web UI On Now and was fixed awhile back.

This is a bug in the tvOS app and is fixed in the TestFlight beta

What is the normal time line for a test flight beta to make the it to the App Store release. I ran into similar issues my TVE channels are fine just the hdhomerun source is impacted.

I would like the beta so I can get out of bad version of a great product. As it is getting annoying. Long time user.

There is no definite answer, but if history is prologue, then 6–8 weeks or so. The current stable release is dated 30 November, 2021, so give it a couple of weeks. Or if you can't wait,

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Thank you.