Bug Report: Recently Recorded not updating?

I've noticed lately that if I'm on the "Library/Recently Recorded" screen when I get out of the Channels app, and then go back into the Channels app some time later, any new recordings that happened while I was out of the app do not appear. I have to back out of the Library tab and go back into it to get it to refresh and show the new recording(s).

I don't recall this being an issue before. Did something change in a recent update to the app?

Do you mean in the more screen, or the main library view?

I've attached 2 screenshots. The first is the "before" the second is the "after". All I did was navigate away from this screen to the Guide and back within about 10 seconds. Notice how the badge for "Antiques Roadshow" went from 4 to 5 recordings and jumped to the front of the line.

Thanks. I've put a possible fix in the next apk beta.