Bug - season sorting for an imported show

Having a strange issue. I have a show with 9 seasons and when I imported, I had filebot rename the files in the plex format "show - sXXeXX - description". In the web console and on my android phone it shows the sort correctly. On my appletv it jumbles up the seasons.

Now here is the strange thing, if I change the sort to newest first, it displays the seasons perfectly in reverse order. I submitted diagnostics from the ATV as well.

Forward order (incorrect)

Reverse order (correct)


Are the original airing dates incorrect or not in the order you’d would expect for the season/episode order?

The show air dates are correct. Season 3 episode 14 is dec 19th 1974 and then it jumps to season 9 episode 11 which aired feb 19th 1981. Its perfect on the webconsole as well as my android device. Appletv is the only platform that is jacked.

Please submit diagnostics

Already did when i posted :slight_smile:

:ok_hand: I'll check it out tomorrow. I can use dummy files to fake importing that series like you have it, so hopefully I can reproduce it.

Here is the crazy thing. That is the only show that does that. I just checked all of my 9+ season shows and they are great. The only difference is that some of the seasons for this particular show have srt files with them.

If you want i could zip the directory up as-is and throw it on a shre for you. If you want to compare apples to apples.

It won't really matter, all the sorting stuff is just using metadata, which I can reproduce by just scanning in dummies.

Hey @maddox were you able to take a look at this?

It’s been a hell of a September. I’ll try to get to it soon :+1: