Bug: tvOS Library Collections

On iOS/iPadOS, selecting "Collections" from the Library page shows a selector at the top of the screen to select between movies and TV shows. However, this selector is missing on tvOS. If you only have TV show collections but no movie collections, you have no way to select between movies and TV shows; the user is only presented with a page stating there are no collections.

I had reported this and it had been acknowledged but not fixed.

Another thing I noticed was that even on iOS if you have TV collections but no movie collections, you still have to pick "TV" from the list. Would make sense if it just showed you the collections rather than an empty screen…

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Agreed. If there are no movie collections, default to showing the TV collections; the screen telling you to create collections on the DVR web UI seems unnecessary since collections already exist, albeit only for TV shows.

This is rough and will get resolved next week.

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This should be resolved in the latest TestFlight beta.

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Indeed, it does appear to have been resolved. Thank you, Jon.