Bug with DVR -> Manage

I'm using the DVR -> Manage -> Movies page. I change the filter to Unverified so i can manually edit all of my old movies that have 5 minute infomercials in the middle of them that comskip can't deal with. However, I don't want to see my imports so I changed the left column to select only recordings. The problem is that this column does nothing. I can change it to any listed option and it basically does nothing. I think this may be a bug, every option just shows "All Sources"

Thanks I’ll check it out!

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I'm also seeing this. I just ignore those since they don't have commercials, and I know I can't mark them as verified, however, as the list gets longer, the harder that is to do. Below is an example:

That particular episode is in the imported media folder, but I have the drop down selected to filter only Recordings.