Button Mapper with Harmony Remote & Nvidia Shield

Hello, can anyone tell me how they might have their "Live" and "DVR" buttons mapped in Button Mapper with the Harmony Remote and Nvidia Shield? Would love to know how some folks have that working. I know the Tivo remote apparently has some functionality, but I'm pretty sure I should be able to get that working with Harmony and Shield as well, no? Thank you in advance!


Pardon the newbie question, but where do I enter that in Button Mapper? To send a signal in the first place, it appears I need to use "Windows Computer" as the controlling remote.

Sorry, pulling my hair out trying to figure out the proper way to input these to Button Mapper. Trying to use a double click of 0 to launch DVR and I've input the key code every way I can think of but nothing is working. I know it's not your app, of course, but I'm hoping you can provide a little insight ... I'm obviously missing a key component. Once I know, I'll be able to figure out the rest. Thank you.

What do you mean by launch the DVR?

Do you want keys to switch tabs while you're inside Channels? Or something else?

On the Harmony Elite is a button marked "Guide" and next to it is "DVR". The Guide button actually does launch right into the Guide in Channels. I was able to do this by telling Harmony to send the command for TiVo Stream 4K "Guide" and it works with the Shield Pro. The problem is, Harmony doesn't appear to have the buttons for Live TV or DVR (or heck, even the TiVo button). I've seen how people can use custom Keycodes in Button Mapper and I just can't seem to get it to work when triggered. For instance I tried entering KEYCODE_DVR in Button Mapper for a double press of 0, but it doesn't trigger anything. Other apps triggered in Button Mapper work, however. It's completely befuddling.

It could be that having both channels and button mapper enabled in accessibility doesn't work?

Can you tell me how to map the Guide button on the harmony? I got one for testing so I can try this out.

I tried turning off Channel's accessibility and that didn't seem to matter. To map the Guide button, I added the "Tivo Stream 4K" as a device. Then, I made that an additional device within my "Watch TV" Activity that includes the Shield TV Pro, the TV and Receiver. When running the setup for that activity, just make sure the Tivo is selected as an available device, but don't tie it to any action within the Activity.

Then, you'll want to edit the Activity you created and click "Customize Remote" - there you can click the button you want to assign. For Guide, I clicked that corresponding button on the Customize screen and under "Short Press" chose "Tivo Media Player" as the device and "Guide" as the Command. Sync to the remote and it works right away.

The issue I'm finding is that Harmony doesn't seem to have all the buttons available that should be on the Tivo Media Player remote. I used to be able to use the "Windows Computer" option as an alternative device as well, but those commands no longer send via Bluetooth from the Harmony Hub for some reason.

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Thank you. I have not used Harmony before and I was missing the additional device trick!

You're welcome! I remembered it from my Windows Media Center days - worked like a charm. ALSO, I have found that the commands in Harmony for the TiVo also pass along "Channel Up" and "Channel Down" commands, but I had to map them in reverse to get Channels to go in the intended direction.

The DVR button and a "Live TV" soft command I use are the last two pieces of the puzzle that I can't figure out. That's where I was hoping Button Mapper would come in handy.

I'd prefer if button mapper wasn't required. I'm going to look into this shortly. Right now I'm still trying to test the Harmony with the Apple TV, but I just tried your trick of adding a Windows PC and its working for sending custom bluetooth keyboard events to the Apple TV.

Oh now that is interesting to hear... if Harmony is sending Bluetooth commands to Apple TV, it should still be doing the same with the Shield. I'm going to check... whenever I try to use a Windows Computer command, the remote itself says I need to pair it...however, of course, Harmony Hub is already paired.

If you can utilize the commands for "LiveTV" and "RecordedTV" from Windows that would solve my mapping issue given I can get Windows to be recognized again... and with Apple TV too, that would just be icing on the cake!

FWIW, I still had to use Button Mapper to map the color keys on the Harmony to launch specific apps...and that works well (Netflix, Hulu, etc).

Unfortunately it looks like those presets send some type of complex sequence of commands, presumably to navigate to that part of WMC?

I'm looking through all the other commands in the Windows profile to see what's available, then I'll try the Mac one as well.

Looks like you got pretty lucky with the tivo Guide mapping. The Windows PC also has a Guide mapping that's the same. But it seems to be the only standard one I can find across FireTV, SHIELD, Windows, Mac.

I'm trying to figure out what other bluetooth devices are supported so I can try adding them to test. I know the Sony Bravia android TVs have a remote with a ton of keys, and support bluetooth, but it seems Harmony wants to do a special IP pairing process if you try to add a Sony TV.

I noticed that about the Sony system too. That's where I was hoping that I could somehow utilize a letter key from Windows to trigger a direct link to KEYCODE_DVR in Button Mapper, but that's where I'm stuck...maybe I'm not adding that custom Keycode properly? I can't seem to find instructions on how that's supposed to setup.

I haven't used it in a while so I'm not sure. I think you need the pro version and I know some people managed to send KEYCODE_WINDOW with it.

I'm still trying devices. I tried the apple and microsoft kodi profiles, but not much there. Also tried tivo but its pretty sparse like you saw. The AirTV one has a couple more keys (last channel, home) but still not the ones we want.

I'll try the TCL and Phillips android TV profiles next.

No luck with TCL or Hisense android tv entries. They seem to want to use IR.

Also tried Plex Media Player but that's also IR only.

I have the pro version and adding that text after I started the Keycode adb command still didn't do anything. It's strange that I can't seem to even get KEYCODE_WINDOW to work.

That's a bummer AirTV doesn't even work...those extra commands could come in handy.

I noticed that Windows can send F1 and F2, etc (I'm using it to launch Netflix, etc) ...can that be mapped for Channels to launch deep into DVR or Live?

According to a logitech employee on reddit they'll update the device database if you post on their forums.

It's worth a shot, so I posted something here: https://support.logi.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360048772473--TiVo-Media-Player-profile-for-the-TiVo-Stream-4K-is-missing-DVR-Live-keys

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That's worth a shot!! Thank you for doing that...wonder how long it will take. I'll keep checking it!